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Black master for wives and cuckolds

Allow Me to introduce Myself. I am a Dom Black male, in my 30s Black Bull Living in central Ohio–near Columbus and I can travel some.

Hard hairy body with no tattoos. Well hung at 10″ and very long lasting. I am a discreet, educated professional who happens to love Domming cuckes and being The Bull for cuckolds.

In seeking a cuckold couple, or a SERIOUS ‘wanna be’ couple who are seeking adult fun, I can be very open minded sexually and I’m up for almost anything. While I am mainly interested in hot wives or hotter girlfrineds, I like to teach sissy cucks their place in life through domination, celebacy (Chastity devices are wonderful for orgasm denial) and forced clean-up duties.

Always very discreet I am also a well educated professional who happens to like being the bull for cuckolds.

I am looking for couples, whether married or not, or single ladies for cuckold fun for Our mutual enjoyment. Yes girls you can cuckold your boyfriend and why not? The sooner you start to train him, the
sooner he will be trained to serve you as you wish to be served.

And I say Our mutual enjoyment becasue if it is not fun and if it is not pleasurable in a sexy way, for BOTH of U/us and the boy friend or hubby too, then why do it?

I have been in the cuckold lifestyle as a bull since high school, when I had my 1st wife while the hubby watched. After she swallowed my first load as we did a tasty 69, I did her vaginally until she was begging to feel my warm and wet cum.

Right after shooting my next load she sucked me back to hardness as her hubby licked her well-fucked, leaky and messy pussy clean again. Then the tiny wimp (he had not quite 4Ѕ thin inches) was allowed inside her still hot and so stretched pussy and now soakingly wet wife wife. Thinking it was My turn to now watch I sat beside the bed until wifee reached behind her ass and placing her hands on her tight ass cheeks she spread her cheeks wide and said those ‘magic words,’ “honey take me in my ass! Please…Please!”
Black master for
Well? what is a guy to do?

God her ass was like a warm electric blanket on a cold night. Warm and tight! I had felt nothing quite like it. The extra tightness of her ass was increased, briefly, by the little thin ‘pencil dick’ hubby in her pussy.

There was a totally unexpected thrill. Still I fucked her ass good, feeling wifee orgasm a number of times, and cuck hubby came so fast and quick I did not even notice it,

So my first wife was my first dp, my first mfm sandwich, my first 3- some and my first experience with anal sex.

My first wife was certainly not my last.

I am also Dominant and love to spank as I screw.

I have helped train women and wives into being both a controlling hot wife and My submissive woman while still being dominant over her cuck/hubby. It is all in how the wife Dominants her cuckie/hubby-cuck and how she controls his rare orgasms.

Men have so many fetishes and if a man’s orgasm is controlled he will soon equate whatever behavior allows or permits his orgasm as also being necessary for his orgasm…and soon it will be a new fetish for the poor silly and confused cuckee or hubby or boyfriend or some combination of them.

So if you wish training for a potential cuck hubby or further advanced techniques, welcome

Perfect for Me is once a week for the wife–usually one weekend day or night (both is ideal) when the hubby/cuck can learn his place and watch or listen (wife’s choice here) and he then cleans up as we prepare for another go around.

So all you women and wives, write Me. After all isn’t this what you know you really want and need?

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24 thoughts on “Black master for wives and cuckolds

    1. I would love to see you take my wife tight pussy and tighter ass. I would clean her up after you pump your seed deep in her pussy.I think all white woman should get a regular fucking by bbc.

  1. My wife Rita, birthday is mid aprail,.im gonna.make her big WOW. we are.indian mariad.couples, we talk about it, ,we are.very.tradational, she always cover. Not.even shak hands with guys. She is very Dom, I wanna see can control her…..

  2. My wife.birthday is coming soon, I wanna make.ger big WOW. we are indian mariad couples, and very tradtional, she is always coverd, she dosnt even shake hands with guys, always cover, very Dom. I wanna can control under you…??

  3. Thank You so much for the important work you do in fulfilling the fantasies
    of so many couples and in helping them to find there proper place in life.
    Please keep up the good work (and please) post the photos when you can.
    Thank You.

  4. you are a real stud!! i envy your huge clean shaved black breeding cock i would be proud tohave you pleasure yourself in my white tight wifes slit in a peach clean shaved pussy as i watched and beatoff my little skinny 6inch white boi uncut cock!!

  5. U may be just what we are seeking and are in Ohio as well. The wife has never had a BBC as yet and the fact that U are HUNG and able to last a LONG time will have her climbing the walls I do believe. Very interesting scenario as well regarding cuckolding also.

  6. My fiancée and I have had a threesome where I let a hung buddy fuck her while I watch. I always wanted her to fuck a bbc though we live near dayton Ohio. Please help us out. She doesn’t know yet but she would be up for it in the moment.

  7. I’m such a little sissy I would love you to break in my wifes tight little pussy while I watch love guys fucking her silly while I submit to them

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