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My chinese wife cheated with black neighbour, “I think”

I’m local chinese guy,
First few years of married life, we have the best time in bed, but I have to work in another country due to new requirements and I let her to live alone for few weeks every 2-3 month but everything still goes smoothly. But after the covid lockdown and I lockup in neighbouring country and can’t come back and she also can’t come to me either.
At that time I start to hear about what she facing currently. One of the neighbour on our condo was married black guy and he also can’t go back to meet up with his family and He live with his colleagues too, all are foreigners.
I heard about him more frequently from her and I’m asking how far did she do anything wrong with him.
She said Only meet at home and cheering up each other to open back the flight inorder to meet up with their respective partner.
That all and nothing more than that, She claim to me.
But my friend told me that black guy visit my home frequently especially on weekends.
I’m start to worried lah, what should I do now.
Any suggestions plzzzz

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2 thoughts on “My chinese wife cheated with black neighbour, “I think”

  1. Not a suggestion but she is getting some dick basically or is going to eventually get some dick. And I don’t know your size but ill assume he has at least 7-8inchs waiting for her. So she is about too get bent the fuck over.

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