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Looking for a dominant bull ;)

Im 19, Brunette size 8 girl who craves black cock – I’ve got a white partner who just can’t satisfy me!! If you think you can dominant me get in touch xxLooking for a dominant bullLooking for a dominant bull

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15 thoughts on “Looking for a dominant bull ;)

  1. You look absolutely delicious! I would love to taste you, front to back. Hit me up at so I can breed your white pussy. Lets discuss.

  2. You are doing the right thing you should only let black men have sex with you but you should also use your little cocked boyfriend to clean and see to your other needs. You have a very sexy body and it’s too good for white boys baby.

  3. Wow, absolutely gorgeous, your eyes are amazing and need to be watering due to my huge black cock being lodged down your throat. Lets get in contact babe.

  4. I know I could dominate you. I could make you do things you wouldn’t for anyone else. you would be used hard, well and often.

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