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Seeking huge black bull

We are a select clean, college educated white couple. I am 37 yo white male, and “Di” is my beautiful innocent white wife. She is 5’7, long sexy legs, slim body.

I am looking for HELP on how to transform my wife in a Black Cock Slut.

I am a cuckold husband at heart. I desire to be humiliated by tall dominant black males, be tied down, gaged on large black cocks while my wife moans and fucks, is impregnated by lots of black cocks, all that whitish sperm filling her swollen pussy.

My problem is .. Di is not open to interracial sex. She is this innocent church going, choir singer that would never do anything like that. If I ask for sex, she doesn’t give me, refuses me every night, 3 weeks in a row. I get no sex just because I am such a lousy fucker that cums each time after only 30 seconds. Sometimes she pleasures herself and then she MOANS and SCREEMS and cums many times. I know she deserves better lovers.

Please HELP ME with transforming my wife. Make me a black cock boi. I am in this for the long term, even if it takes a year or two till I bring her to the point where she wants ONLY black cocks in her pussyseeking huge black bull

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5 thoughts on “Seeking huge black bull

  1. Hi Matt,
    Your situation sounds a bit like we were until my husband and I had a holiday in Gambia in West Africa and I had my first black sexual encounter which was unforgettable. We had gone there mainly for the birdwatching but soon realised it attracted many women for holidays and affairs with the local men. The Gambian men are very forward and uninhibited.
    We’d been browsing in a craft market and I was chatting to a stall holder when my husband said hewas going back to the hotel to read his book. He was barely our of the door when the stall holder said he’d like to give me a present if I would kiss him. I readily agreed to this and of course one thing led to another very rapidly.
    Half an hour later I returned to the hotel where my husband was reading in the garden.
    Gleefully I showed him the two little trinkets I’d received for whoring my body. He looked absolutely stunned at this and was speechless. However we went back again the next year and this time I got separated from the party on a birdwatching trip alone with one of the guides. Both times the sex was terrific and I crave more all the time.
    So take your wife to the Gambia and see how it goes. I bet she’ll love it.

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