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12 thoughts on “The way it should be

  1. For a start your a racist joker second that girl is not bi racial she is Latina thirdly all women of all races are beautiful and its not just whats on the outside but the inside that makes people beautiful to!! and going back to the picture that black woman is beautiful to.

    and lastly GROW UP!!

  2. danthestud: you obviously spend all your time jacking off thinking about sucking black dick. That was a hateful message you posted.

    Dean: another frigging weirdo obsessed with the thought of sucking black dick. Your lame postings are hateful also.

    You both can go fuck yourselves!

  3. I am a forgiving person so go ahead and keep posting your opinion however please change your name to ” dantheidiot” because you are certainly a moron.

  4. Danthedud you must be missing a chromosome from inbreeding. Completely idiotic and yes it is completely racist. If not for the black woman, there is no black man shit for brains.

  5. Danthestud: I think you’re joking, okay? That all-black woman looks absolutely sexy fine to me, speaking as a white man. But what’s more, my white bisexual girlfriend loves black women, too. And she’s a gourmet!

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