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8 thoughts on “A perfect interracial couple

    1. No one will ever know how excited I was to watch my wife making out with a black man knowing he was going to be fucking her real good in our bed bareback of course.

      Putting a condom on any black cock is like taking a shower with a raincoat on.

  1. This is as close to heaven as you can get …….. You want her to be “Pleased” and him to be “Gradified” ….. and we can all try harder next time …… in about 30 seconds …… hope you brought some BBC Friends to assist …….. what a Wife and a woman ……

  2. Bet her husband is pissing his pants seeing his wife makin love to black bull. My husband’s white and I cheat with black men LOL.

  3. Seeing white women kissing Black men is very erotic. I can ,in my minds eye, see them having sex. I have seen my wife and my 2 daughters (ages 21 and 19) both kissing, being felt and having sex with Black men. I am not allowed to masturbate when I watch them. But, I do get to lick them clean.

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