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5 thoughts on “Suzy’s 30th BBC Should I make her stop?

  1. hi bob no dont stop her , you dont know how lucky you are with your wife taking black and his semen . let her enjoy the pleasure that only black cock can give . im trying to get my wife to convert to black but its taking a while . her pussy looks beautifull with black baby making semen oozing out , let us know when she is black bred !

  2. Yea, I think a lot of white women like feeling that big nut shooting deep inside them. Once a white girl explain to me that was a such a great feeling getting a good pussy pounding from a black guy, and feeling him shooting deep inside her womb. White girls dig that!!

  3. Love these pix. Wish my wife had a bbc so I can raise the baby and support her and her black man. I can’t fuck her good enough and I know a might black master can.

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