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After our engagement party – interracial cuckold story

I fell asleep at our engagement party and didn’t wake up until – almost – everyone had gone. My fiance wasn’t in bed with me so I went into the living room to find her and saw something like this she took the cock out of her mouth and glanced at me then went back to sucking it without saying a word. They took no more notice of me and I stumbled back to the bedroom where I cried and wanked for the next two hours while listening to them fuck. We never discussed what happened that night but it set the tone for our marriage. Not one word has ever been said by either of us about what she does but it is obvious to everyone that she cuckolds me.After our engagement party

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4 thoughts on “After our engagement party – interracial cuckold story

  1. Don’t be too hard on yr fiancĂ©e…….she can’t help herself – she’s just naturally attracted to a big, dominant cock. It makes her internal juices flow and then she needs to open her legs and feel the deep penetration inside her vagina. Don’t worry, she doesn’t LOVE him…….it’s just sex she’s needing. As long as she can have intercourse with him 3 or 4 times a week she’ll be in a happy, relaxed mood – and that’s better for you…….isn’t it?

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