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“Amy and Paul” – 2d Part interracial sex story

The next night, Amy attacked her husband after they were finally alone. She needed to get fucked as bad as she had ever needed it. During the throes of passion she present the scenario of what happened the night before as a fantasy to her husband. They both came as hard as they have ever come.
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Amy didn’t see Alex for a little while after that. She was actually intentionally avoiding him. And life went on as usual. Amy and Paul would continue to fantasize on occasion about black men fucking her while Paul watched and Amy would when she was alone, sneak out the black dildo and picture Alex fucking her. She was amazed at how easily and how hard she would come when she had that realistic dick stroking in and out of her pussy. She would sometimes suck on the Black shaft, barely fitting her mouth around the base, but she would work on deep throating the entire thing. She had even taken to calling the dildo “Alex” and liked to include more and more often in sex with her husband.

One night Paul told Amy that he was going out with some of the guys from work. Amy was more than a little disappointed because she had the night off and the kids were spending the night at their grandparents. Paul explained that he couldn’t really get out of it because it was kind of a bachelors party for one of his good friends.

“Why don’t you go out too, honey” Paul said. “Didn’t you say a bunch of the other nurses usually hit the bars on Fridays? They are always asking you to go, why don’t you? We can meet back here later night and fuck like mad” He grinned.

Amy rolled her eyes. “Oh Fine. Let me make the call. But you have to hurry up so I can get ready and get dressed up.”

Paul laughed. “Wear some sexy lingerie tonight so I can rip your clothes off when you get home, and you are thinking about sex the entire time you are out”

“Oh you have such a dirty mind, you naughty boy” Amy teased as she picked out what she was going to wear.
“You better hope I don’t get picked up tonight by some stud tonight. You know how get when I’m alone, left to my own devices” She said seductively.

Paul was visibly aroused “You little slut” he said smiling. “Save it for tonight”

Amy called her friends and they told her they were meeting at downtown restaurant and then they would probably go hit a few bars. Amy finished getting ready and headed down to the trendy eatery that the nurses were going first.
Amy didn’t have a chance to get out much with the kids and her hours so even though she wanted to spend some time with Paul, she was really looking forward to a night out as well. Several of the nurses that were going to be there were a bit younger, so Amy realized she would probably have to draw on her experience as a Sorority girl and show these young kids how it was done.
At dinner the girls had a great time talking, laughing and gossiping about this and that. The drinks were flowing and before she knew it Amy had about 4 margaritas and was feeling pretty good.
One of the girls spoke up and said:
“Ok, we have pay up and get to the next place, the guys are gonna meet us at the Gecko for some dancing and more drinking, and I’m tired of paying for my own drinks!”

Amy turned to the girl and asked “Jenn? What guys? I thought it was just us going out tonight. I didn’t know you were going to meet your boyfriends, I would have told Paul to meet us.”

Jenn laughed “Pffft” she dismissed. “No boyfriends or husbands tonight! It’s just some of the guys from the hospital, a few of the male nurses, a couple doctors and some of the security staff.”

Amy swallowed hard. She desperately wanted to ask if Alex was going to be there, but she didn’t want to give herself away or become the next topic of gossip. For a few minutes she thought she should go home, but she was having too much fun, and if Alex was there, so be it. She was going to have a good time tonight, and maybe even dance a bit. She wondered what it would be like to dance with Alex, to feel him press up against her…

“Yo! Amy! You coming girl?” Jenn called.

Amy snapped out of her daydream, finished the rest of her drink and followed the other girls to the bar. Once they got there, a couple of the girls insisted on doing some shots, and then some random guys bought them all a couple rounds. Eventually they all went out on the dance floor and were dancing in a group with each other. Soon, most of the other girls started pairing off with other guys for dances and pretty soon Amy was almost alone. Suddenly she felt a tap on her shoulder.

“Mind if I have this dance pretty lady?” a familiar voice asked.

Oh my God! Amy thought. Alex, she turned around to see him and smiled at him. She was feeling too good and she let him move up closer to her and they started dancing. Several times Alex tried to slide his hand down to Amy’s ass, but each time she stopped him. She even had to draw away a couple times when he went in for a kiss.

“No” She whispered to Alex. “We would be the gossip of the hospital tomorrow if people saw us”

“Alright” Alex nodded. “Let’s finish this dance and get a drink then.”

After the dance they went to the table the girls had gotten. It was a corner booth in the back area of the bar. They sat and talked about things while the waitress brought them one drink then another. Alex told Amy about his plans to be a Lawyer, and how the security guard job was just paying some bills. Amy could barely concentrate and staring at him got her more and more horny. Suddenly Amy felt Alex’s hand on her thigh. Alone in the booth with everyone else at the bar or on the dance floor, Amy didn’t fight this time and as they stared at each other, she let Alex’s hand go up and down her thigh. Slowly his big black hands caressed her inner leg and edged farther and farther up the skirt Amy was wearing. All the time both pretended to be in some sort of polite conversation and Amy had to force herself not to jump on Alex right then and there.

Amy came to a conclusion right then and there.

“I can’t take much more of this. Let’s go to another place where we can hang out without anyone else watching us” She said.

“Sounds good” Alex replied. “I know a place a couple blocks from here. Good music, good atmosphere, and cheap drinks”

“Alright. I’ll meet you there in 30 minutes. I dont want to leave at the same time as each other. You go now, and I’ll say goodbyes and meet you there.”

Alex gave Amy quick directions to the place and quickly headed out. Amy went to the girls and explained that she was tired and was going to go home a bit early. On the way out, Amy launched phase two of her little plan.
She took out her phone and called Paul.

“Yo Baby!” Paul answered, obviously pretty drunk. Amy could hear the wild party going on in the background.

“Hi sweetie” Amy said innocently. “Having fun?”

“Yea.. you know.. I was gonna leave soon. What’s up? You heading home too?” Paul slurred

“Not quite baby. Paul.. You know that little fantasy we have” She cooed.

Paul got quiet. “Gimme a sec” he sounded suddenly serious. Amy could tell he moved to a quieter more secluded area. “Yea.. and just what is my little slut up to?”

“I tell you what baby” She said as sexily as she could. “If you are really serious about it, and REALLY want to see what you said you wanted to see. Tonight is your chance. Call it off, and we go home and fuck like crazy. Or tell me it’s what you really want, and the night takes a different turn.”

There was a long pause.

“It’s what I really want” he said definitively.

Amy smiled. She was hoping he was going to say that.

“Ok then, Then make sure you are home in one hour and hid in bedroom closet. Maybe you’ll see something you weren’t expecting tonight” Amy didn’t wait for Paul to respond, she hung up and headed over to bar, anxious and incredibly turned on.

Part 1: “Amy and Paul” my first interracial erotic story

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