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Asian wife bbc fantasies?

Asian women can be bbc worshippers not just white women, anybody have an asian wife that wants a black cock or has tried it? I’m married to a filipina woman and I fantasize about her fucking a well hung black guy all the time. I think she’s curious about black cock cause she has brought up the myth about their big cocks before. She’s also admitted to being attracted to black men but she would be scared to have sex with one cause of their huge cocks. Sometimes when we’ve had sex she complains about not having orgasms with my 6″ white cock but I bet a bigger black cock would have her having many orgasms. My fantasy has her acting like a slut wearing lingerie and having sex with a huge dark black cock while I take pics of the action to share. I think all these variables: first bbc, first other cock, her acting a slut, me taking pics to show on the net would lead to a incredible night of hardcore interracial action!filipina wife interracial

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24 thoughts on “Asian wife bbc fantasies?

  1. Asian women and BBC are a rare combination but it can be a TRULY beautiful thing…I have been fortunate enough to have had 4 so far(Chinese, Vietnamese, Taiwanese and Filipino) and they have each proved them selves MORE than worthy of worshipping a BBC…

  2. have many asian friends and they all love fucking black man,most without ther husbands knowledge,yuor wife will love big cock after she has one splitting that asian twat in two,it seems how smaller their cunt how bigger cock they want ,just bring a black man over the house and she will fuck him and you will have the hottest time of your life and will be begging her to keep fucking BBC,enjoy both of you.

  3. petite tiny,tight asian pussy, big black,thick,hard cock to split our cunt and ass in two! what can be more horny,more sexuall arousing,just pure raw fucking,pretty,petite,delicate woman,hammered by beautiful ,shiny,trobbing black meat! I GET WET JUST remember the delicious pain off get fucked by black cock,impossible big for my tiny slit, by any standards!,but,horny asian pussy will not be denied the painfull extasy,pain and trobbing orgasms,simultaneously!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. my filipina wife loves my 8.5 inch thick white cock……she is 5’5” petite with firm perky 36b tits a tight ass with nice bubble shape……on our 1 year anniversary she brought a bar girl home and had me watch while she ate her out then they both sucked me and fucked me all night. It was totally mindblowing and out of the blue….the next day my wife hired her as our maid and i am continuiosly coming home to my wife being bent over the couch the maid railing her tiny slit with a 10 inch black dildo or her favorite a 10 inch long thick black strapon…..and fun ensues…. However our two year is in 3 weeks and i want to treat her this year with 1 or more very real black cock/cocks to suck and fuck for at least 2~4 days…willng to pay for hotel bring maid and pay all food and drink as long as your willing to stay with me her the maid u only get my wife not maid she is mine. We will order in food and drinks and send the maid for toys anything, lube condoms….if needed…with a new blood test she wants u bareback…. For at least two days and fuck her silly whenever she wants yet stay on chair when she wants me or maid…. She fantasizes all the time and i want to fullfill it and leave her walking bowlegged for a week….anytakers?


    Does your wife prefer her guy to be VERY DARK skin and masculine only. If she does post me back her

  6. I started my wife on the gloryhole with just me and her, she didn’t understand it at first, I told her we should watch videos to make her better understand. I typed in bbc gloryhole and first video that came up was Shane diesel’s bbc. Her face reaction was the best her jaw was on the floor. We started doing gloryhole fun between the both of us, eventually I convinced her to try an actual bbc. I managed to find a guy with a 10 1/2 inch bbc. This thing was massive. She spent about 5 minutes playing with it. She sucked the tip and jerked it off, I admit I had to really work hard to get her into it, I ate her pussy out till she made the bbc cum. It was a sweaty night, took him 45 minutes to blow his load. She couldn’t believe how thick and long it was. Now adays my wife sets up her own gloryhole dates nothing makes her more wet then the sight of a bbc. Shes a teachers assistant and its not s surpirise to come home and have her tell me about the bbc she suckdd earlier, she seems to have sessions on sunday mostly, casually sucking bbc’s on a sunday afternoon. She hasn’t had vaginal sex with one yet, I’m planning to get her a real big one for her birthday.

    It’s been a lot of fun, I’ve helped her with her deepthroat using dildos. Naturally she had a wide mouth.

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