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BBC for my wife – first time interracial sex stories

Hi guys/girls, this is 100% true just so everyone knows.
we have spoke about swinging/dogging/3somes etc for about a while now, join a few websites etc and had alot of fun with it.
first time interracial sex stories
we had never met anyone before (come close a few times but nothing ever happened.), anyway… at her work there is a few guys that think she is hot. she says she doesnt fancy any of the guys but loves the attention. they are all polite while perving at her nothing distasteful.
There is one guy who has taken a real liking to her and is constantly telling her how hot she is and how much he would love to shag her. (we will call him ‘L’) he is about 5,9 black guy nothing out of the ordinary, she loves teasing him because she know he loves it as she has seen the shape of his dick in his pants.first time interracial sex storiesfirst time interracial sex storiesfirst time interracial sex storiesfirst time interracial sex stories
The job they are in they are on shift work and sleep over in there own rooms.
she tells me everything and i trust her completely! she has told me about L and how he would love to screw her, and i have told her to go for it, but she played it down saying she just loves teasing him like mad then walking away.
one day they where both in the office alone when he came up behind he and put his hands around her waist and asked her what she would do if he rubbed her pussy, she said nothing and his hand went around her (all out of clothing) and started to rub her through her pants, she pulled back on him and grinded her ass into his dick for a few seconds then walked away like nothing had happened. this resulted in him following her around for the next few shifts like a lost puppy, which she loved.
nothing happened for the next few weeks as rotas changed and they wasnt on shift much with each other.

after she came home the next day she told me all about it , how he grabbed her and how she pulled him onto her, i was pretty clear now that she wanted to screw him too, so we spoke about it and it was all go.. a few weeks went by with abit of flirting but nothing much more as they was not on shift with each other much. we still spoke about it and talked dirty during our own sex and it still drove us both wild.
one week i had to go working away for 4 days, it wasnt nothing new as i have done thi s a few times. we chat online as we both had laptops and she connected to her wireless network at work so we always chat on msn even when i was at home, just to cam for alittle while and say “good night”.
while i was away i got a text from her at around 1pm saying she was working with L but they was doing the sleep together, but she added ” i might shag him” which i replied ” go for it!!!” thinking nothing of it about a hour later i got a text saying ” i just shagged him” i thought my heart was going to jump out of my chest! i was so excited but i could call her as i was in a training course, but i text her to find out as much as possible, but then later called her to get all details….
what happened was…
they were in the building alone and they had been flirting when he came up behind her and did the same but this time put his hands down her jeans and pantys and started rubbing her pussy, all he said was how wet she was , she then reached round and started to play with his dick on the outside of his jeans, she tells me it was HUGE, he walked her to the bed ( yes they have bed in office as this is where one of them sleeps) the pulled her jeans down and knelt her over the bed, she was very wet and he had no problems in pushing it into her where he fucked her doggy, she said he shagged her really hard for about five mins then came inside her (which was a huge turn on for me) she also said she was quite sore after too. they then both pulled up there pants and went back to work as if nothing had happened, she told me later that night on msn that she really did like it, but felt very emoinal after as i was working away and wanted a hug etc from me.

they didnt speak much about it after apart from her telling him how sore she was lol, they then both found out they was on shift together alittle more which was cool so there is more to this story if anyone is intrested still?

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