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24 thoughts on “Wow! What a great surprise to unwrap…

  1. I’m jealous of the guy that got to fuck her after she got fucked by that, lol. Nothing like stretched out pussy. Keep it up, guys, and enjoy it, something in it for everyone.

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  5. She nees to be collared & Leashed and her hands handcuffed behind her back and forcibly taken to nasty seedy adult bookstores to Suck Black Cocks at Gloryholes, at lease 30 every nite !!

  6. When I was in my teens I watched my mom take two differnt black guys. Not both at once but two differnt times Both had big cocks , but one had a cock almost like this. He sank it all in her and tried to tear her guts up with it, and she ended up fucking HIS lights out!

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  9. we are both slaves to a black man he has friends come over and do my wife his slutty slavei\ i must clean her and them up we are both wearing collars and leash even in public very humilating he owns us we have sighned over our 2 cars our house and our bank account over to our master

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