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12 thoughts on “Being cuckold

  1. I never knew my wife craved black cock till I woke up drunk at a party to find her in the other room being bent over by two hung black bulls she was screaming being spread wide open I was so mad but was so hard is that bad?????

    1. Now when when ever she let’s me have sex with her it’s real loose and sloppy wett why is that ? And always smells like cum??

    2. no worries littlewhite boy,
      I was the same way just about. she wanted to fullfill a fantasy. what started as a game , became an obsession and a lifelong addiction to black cock….as well as MY addiction to watching her get black fucked, almost daily for many years. relax, celebrate and enjoy ” )

      1. Really “take my wife please” we been together for 6 years and never knew till that night I woke up she didn’t see me watching her gett her pussy stretched open like I never seen before and they both went inside her too I was so hard and so mad tho… And now she is always going out and coming home smelling like cum and it so loose now that she walks gappy when we go out I see her stare at black guys all the time and when I say stuff she tells me she doesn’t like BBC but I saw first hand she was in love with them………

  2. Littlewhiteboy the fact that you’re still with her shows its definitely something you enjoy. You should tell her you want to watch her get fucked by bulls and clean her up

    1. She let’s me eat her out everytime she comes home from the bar or club or out with friends and it’s always real wett and gooey and warm and loose and sweaty I’ve told her I wanted to watch her get fucked by BBC but she plays shy and says no? What’s up with that??? Just the other night she went out to the club short skirt no panties tight shirt stayed out all night with her friend at a black club……..

  3. Don’t worry littlewhiteboy, she will let you watch at some point but don’t be mad. Mad gets you nowhere. Show your support to her. Do things for her when she gets black dick to let her know you like it.

    Lick that pussy but don’t stick it, beat off instead. Just lick it and tell her you like how black cum tastes mixed with her pussy juice. She will enjoy hearing that.

  4. One small dick thanks and I love eating her out after they jizzed deep in her and it tastes so good it was alot to swallow but loved it she is going to alot of clubs half dressed and no panties then coming home real sloppy loose and warm and gooey

  5. I enjoyed alot when I saw those to hung BBC tearing her up I never knew she was a BBC lover at all like I almost jizzed on myself when I saw her getting fucked

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