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25 thoughts on “Searching for my first BBC

  1. Hello,

    I would like to Help you with your Fantasy.If you guys ever come to Arizona, please just respond to this post.You look Amazing in those pics..You got that Girl Next Door look and my BBC would look good in you…

  2. OMG if this little honey knew her bf or hubby or an ex was showing these photos she’d freakin die.
    Thanks for showing them to us though, you rotten MF’er

  3. IKAW MAGANDA,I am filipina also,and you are right, nothing more excithing ,special the first time,the sight of a big black cock pushed in your tight pinai puki,just the contrast of black cock against your white puki will excited you,then the feeling of almost be split in two,fantastic,you never will be satisfied by white dick,I grew up in SUBIC CITY,workt in a bar,my mom workt in a bar to, and introduced me to a young black navy guy,(I was very young,but already very horny girl)he tryed to get his cock in me,way to big,besides he was so excited,shot his cum allover me in less then a minute,since then I only want black for good sex,lucky ,my husband looves to watch me fucking and be used as a whore and sextoy,thats how I like it also,you will love sex more then ever before,and if you play your husband right,he will encourage you to fuck black dick.
    as beautiful,sexy,young,horny as you are,you will get all the dick you want,just like me,I wish I good be with you “mahal”.
    even more excithing the first time,have the guy fuck you in your wedding dress,and wear those panty,s, so bad,same time ,”SO DELICEOUS GOOD)” hope to hear from you.

  4. You are absoluely gorgeous..I would give my right arm to enjoy a nite with you..can you provide location..thanks for pics..will try not to lose control thinking about ya.

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