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19 thoughts on “Black and Blonde video

  1. There is nothing better than white pussy. It’s a shame white men do not realize that. Think about every women who comes to this country want to be white. Every white man wishes he could be black (except when trying to get a loan). It is know wonder that the most compatible people on the planet are black men and white women….Have you ever seen them have sex? It’s amazing

  2. Man your wife has one the most curvacious sweet white asses I have ever seen. Wouldn’t mind giving it to her in the ass, is she up for that?

  3. I Love blk cock. Hubby shares me with blk cock as often as i want it. There is just something about a big strong blk cock going into my pussy.

  4. love to meet you german lady and show you a good time with my bbc as it slides in and out like a train on the tracks.

    andy are you uk based or just here on holiday .

  5. German girls love black dick, That’s the reason a lot of blacks married German girls when station in the army over there. They got their first taste of black cock and didn’t want to let it go!

  6. This is so much hotter now that i have been there – watching another man with my wife, giving her what I can’t, making her do things she has never done for me!

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