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Part 2 – whoring out my girlfriend

After letting him do whatever he wanted, fucked her on the table and fucked her on the bed. Took her from the rear and slammed her ass so that it shook, he came in her by the bucket load. We got her to spread her self to let us both watch and film her as it all dripped out.

She was so drunk by now that we could do what we wished. Half an hour later his cum was still dripping out of her as she fell asleep on the bed.

She slept until morning and woke up aching with her heels still on, hardly able to walk. She didn’t remember being such a whore so out came the film and photos. After some ore practice she has got pretty good at it now, such a slut!whoring out my girlfriendwhoring out my girlfriendwhoring out my girlfriendwhoring out my girlfriendwhoring out my girlfriend

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11 thoughts on “Part 2 – whoring out my girlfriend

  1. It’s like the way my gf works. The mark of a good sex whore is that she’s done so much that she has a hard time believing it the next day. Treat your hot lady to a romantic dinner by candle light as a reward.

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