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22 thoughts on “White wife – black master

  1. What it is, is—Whiteboys obeying and being a cuckold or sugardaddy to white and Latina princesses with black guys. Period. Let’s get it right.

  2. what that is, is a pussy about to be destroyed. By the sexiest black man i’ve seen. she loves it look at her eyes, she is living every white girls dream.

  3. it makes me laugh because everywhere i go now it’s black men with white girls and everybody wins! haaa except for the forgotten one, the white man. my white ex and i broke up a few months ago. being a sexy white chick i instantly had plenty of guys wanting me, so i picked the best- a gorgeous black man. my ex who is attractive and very ‘nice’ hasn’t gotten any pussy the whole time. he hasn’t even kissed or had a date or any date prospects rhe whole time. no half way decent looking black man ever goes on droughts even close to that long. hell they are getting girls all the damn time. my man has so many white girls on his dick everywhere we go. haha its so damn easy to get laid when your a white girl. and believe me for the black guys its very easy too. looks like the white men lose again, what a suprise. tey have the hardest time finding affection. hahaha damn straight things r changing.nature running its course ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. guess mandy knows best. black men and the forgotten white man. wish she cuckold me into watching. guess our sperm is the only thing needed to keep the white race, something i guess won’t be forgotten!

    2. Im white . Im right . I suppose if u think nature running its course , is going backwards ur correct ! Didnt DADDY give u enuff luv ?

  4. Very good observation. That’s the way it should be: the white guy gets no sex and pays for the white women and Black Men, the white women serves and satisfies the Black Man’s every desire – no questions asked, and the Black Man is kind enough to service the white women and allow the white man to watch, serve drinks, and clean up. That’s the natual order of things.

  5. ‘m a cuckold too and ain’t it the most awesome sexual rush watching a big black cock pounding your wife and knowing he is going to fill her up with a big load of his cum and that he is way up in her where you can’t reach…and the best feeling for me is that it is happening right before your eyes and there’s nothing you can do to stop it…I love that helpless feeling and at the same time your wanting to stop it but it turns you on some much that you wouldn’t if you could!

  6. the way it should be, and the way it is. My girl friend who ive been friends with since the 3rd grade, was over here not too long ago. She knows I’m with a black guy and so are many of our friends, but she has never been and is currently dating a white guy now. I showed her the pic of this HOTT ass stud and she smiled and after about ten seconds, she admitted that yes she’d cheat on her bf of 2years to be with that man. She reluctantly admitted that there is just an unexplainable appeal to black guys. She even admitted that she wondered what my man looked like naked! Haha I’m going to get her drunk and show her, and i garuntee she will be all over his big ass dick. Other than size and brute force, black guys just have something that white boys never do.

  7. Oh it’s great… Till she’s weather beaten and all floppy from delivering 4 melato kds neither her now ex-white hubby or her broke ass penniless bbc will support… Then who loses?

  8. Having sex with my guy is like I never dreamed! The feeling I have when he cums deep inside me is like someone turning a warm water hose in me.. I’m married to a great white guy who has agreed to support us I already have 2 very beautiful black baby’s and a third due Jan.5,2013.My sex lover says he wants to keep me knocked up into my 40s if possible. My babys will love their daddy and learn to respect him for what he has goven their white mother I’ll be 34 on Jan. 6

    1. Hi Janet. Sounds like you and your husband have discovered what the pursuit of happiness is all about. And your bull is having the time of his life with you as his milf. What with him keeping at you and giving you an IR baby every other year, you should have at least six by the time you turn 40. That’s awesome, and more power to you for it. I hope you and your husband have started a good college fund for them. Anyway, I want to wish you a happy upcoming birthday (your own and that of the baby), a Merry Xmas, and a very Happy New Year.

  9. And as to the black guy in the picture, if he reads Janet’s comment above, he may well want to turn the blonde hotwife her husband is offering him into a productive momma like Janet. His BBC shooting her up (with her husband’s encouragement) will be an experience the bull will want to repeat for the foreseeable future.

  10. A bunch of pathetic white dudes wishing their women would be found attractive by anything, including uneducated smelly black men.

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