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Part 1 – whoring out my girlfriend

Just for the hell of it I started to take some photos in and around Bristol of her teasing and she caught the eye of this black guy. He was staying nearby in a hotel so I offered her to him if he wanted her. In front of her I told him what a good whore she could be.

She wasn’t too sure but after a few drinks in the pub and some champagne in his room she drunkenly agreed to be filmed and fucked for our pleasure.

This is the startwhoring out my girlfriendwhoring out my girlfriendwhoring out my girlfriendwhoring out my girlfriendwhoring out my girlfriend

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7 thoughts on “Part 1 – whoring out my girlfriend

  1. This is how Every White Female should get Started, Nothing is more Exciting Knowing your whacking your small lil white peter,,while getting Deeply Inseminated with Superior Black Seed. Honestly.703-597-1795

  2. I didn’t whore my gf out. She accomplished that by herself. After getting her first taste of BBC and black pussy too, white guys thought she was so hot they began offering her money to have sex with them.She was surprised but agreeable, because the idea of becoming a willing prostitute turned her on. Soon she was an active call girl and loving it. She had a strong sex drive and came easily with clients of all colors. She got paid well, but money was only part of her motivation. One time she met a soldier in a bar who had only $5 to offer her. She went for it because she said she wanted to have the experience of doing it as a “cheap whore.” When the sergeant climbed into her saddle she went crazy with the new raunchy thrill. And he got the ride of his life–more than if he’d paid her the regular ticket charge. That’s the thing about women. When their brains are lit up by eroticism, they’re capable of most anything.

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