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38 thoughts on “Black desire

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  5. please keep up updated on the date, breeding, and knockup!! I would love to see her getting converted ! she needs to get knocked up fast!

  6. Who cares if she is pregnant?

    If she got her fantasy, you need to share that lovely mouth sucking black cock!

  7. hai man you have such beautiful wife she damn looking good
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    if it is true pls at least send me your wife name and more images i want to leak my cum at least for her image because i like her beauty and think

  8. Wow, she is precious. She would look so good in the arms of a strong black man. Young blonde white girls look so hot when they are fucking black guys. Especially if they are carrying the child of her black lover.

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  10. if that happens, it will be one of the best scenes in all history…I’d sell my soul to see that girl with a black man!

  11. OMG…what a beautiful, hot wife! Would love to see her pretty body yield to the power and energy of sexy, black stud!
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  12. hi, I’d love to get news from her..and I’d love to see her with a black guy…could anyone please tell me anything about this girl???

  13. Move over cuckboy.

    I could breed your beautiful wife right for a big healthy and intelligent golden boy; in your presence, on film.

    Of course you are bull-shitting us all.

    But just in case you are for real, hit me up.

    1. Hi Natalia. I can relate to your feeling. I was working out of state when my gf was picked up and slutted out by by a black bull. But no matter. Knowing she’d become a BBC slut was pleasure in its own right.

  14. I was the same as you. I had 2 white babies by my husband. then I anted to have a Blacks baby. Well I’m 42 now and have had 3 Blacks babies. Both my husband and I are so proud and I still have sex with Blacks

    1. Well if you wish to even the score and have equal number of white babies and black babies may I suggest you have me impregnate you? I’d be happy to conduct this service!

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