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I love sucking BBC

My mouth is kinda wide so i do pretty good but his balls were huge. He cum like a firehose too. I love sucking big black cock and can totally cum sometimes when i do it. Specially when they are cuming. It like makes me wet just to talk about doing it.
I love sucking BBC  01I love sucking BBC 02

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8 thoughts on “I love sucking BBC

  1. Good girl Desirae! Gobbling huge jizz-filled nuts/nutsacks sometimes takes alot of effort no matter how wide your mouth is as some of these studs have quite frankly mindbogglingly massive gonads! And you seem to really take pride in sucking big bull nuts in addition to regular fat throbbing dong with real heartwarming gusto to ensure your black lovers get the maximum euphoric orgasmic pleasure they deserve as they pop their huge loads…almost certainly over your grateful slutty chops or down your greedy gullet. Hubby bless you for taking on the biggest nuts even if you can only cram one at a time in your talented cute cocksucker facehole!

  2. baby, you look so sexy with your mouth wrapped around a big, black cock! Don’t stop, keep filling your sweet white mouth with that tasty black cum….

  3. Me and my daughter love black people BBC , me and wla make my husband a cuckold , when my husband goes out to work we receive black people at home and serve our assholes and our pussy in my husband ‘s bed

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