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Black man need from the South

Hello from Georgia. I love black cock, I divorced after my husband found a huge black dildo in my closet, once came home early after a hunting trip only to walk in and find me masturbating to a pornographic film of black men with white women, and once finding me in town spending a little bit of extra time with some black men who were once hired to do some work around the house for us. I now have two black men from town who I completely feel comfortable with as far as (STDS) as far as their ejactulating into my mouth and/or vagina. I’ve recently been exposed to some huge penised black friends of there’s who I don’t really know that well. I’ve had these new black guys over for sexual encounters before but have asked no to their ejacuating into my mouth since I really didn’t know them well. From seeing some adult films I was disheartened by seeing some white actresses keeping their mouths closed as a black man was ejaculating into her mouth, I vowed that I would not do that as I feel that that is very disrespectful to a black man. I recently came in contact with the same guys, I asked one of them to straddle my ribcage and ejaculate on my breasts only and he did so but he also blew sperm onto my neck, face, eyes, and into my mouth. I hope that Ill be ok as I’m usually not exposed to men whom I’m not fully sure of their sexual history or current STD status but I’m very happy to see that he came and I’m hopeful that he got off hard vein with meBlack man need from the south

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86 thoughts on “Black man need from the South

  1. You are BEAUTIFUL!!! Your ex husband is a moron. I’m not in GA. now but I will be back there soon. N. GA. that is. I’ll be in touch.

    1. Thank you Mr Anonymous, my ex husband is ok, he’s just got his boundaries besides he’s now remarried to a girl from Thailand half his age.

      1. well im in GA now im 25 9.5 long 3.5 wide and i would love to show you a good time so keep in contact and lets figure something out asap

  2. Wow, you are fantastic. Couple things:
    First it seems from your picture that you need to get another white man, one who is happy to have you be serviced by blacks and one that requires nothing more from you and only desires to give you anything you desire.

    Second you should definatly get to know these large cocked blacks better in terms of finding out if they are clean, then once you have done that, you need to go back to your beliefs of not disresepecting these bulls, by taking their cum in your mouth and vagina.

    Then finally you need these bulls to impregnate you and you need to continue to only service black cocks for the rest of your days…….

    1. Thank you, but from your first point (from my picture that I need to get another white guy) well actually the photo was taken from one of my two trusted black men and the other black man was out at the barn feeding the horses after the three of us had gone horseback riding earlier, of course later on one can only imagine what must have happened between the three of us later on! I would possibly entertain the thought of having one of these (cuckolds) I’ve heard about since following this site but intercourse would be off the table with another white guy, black men only for intercourse as I have only been able reach an orgasm from having sex with black men. A cuckold (white male) would only be able to eat my pussy and provide any otherwise (non-sexual) companionship for me.

      Second point, yes I’m definitely for it. I want as many black men around here who are well muscled and have larger penises to, who want to come out to the property to spend some time after getting and providing (std negative) test results. I really want to please black men who are clean, I want them to ejaculate in my mouth so that I can swallow it and for them to ejaculate in my vagina as well as I’ve always and only really get-off on black penises during my sexual experiences.

    1. Thanks, I’m on the mending end, I was introduced to one huge black cock the other night. Even though I didn’t really know his std status it was ok, he was black, he was huge, and he only ejaculated onto my skin and I rubbed it in, I went to sleep directly afterwards and my black friends saw him to the door.

    1. Kevin, I’m sorry but I’ve already said too much, I shouldn’t have mentioned the state but so be it, I’d had a couple of glasses of wine when I sent my upload. I’m usually much more shy than what this site and my recent life changes have caused of me!

  3. Even though you’re beautiful, you’re right – it’s very
    disrespectful to refuse the sexual desires of a black
    It is only right and proper than you do whatever he tells
    you to do.
    You are very sexy and capable of satisfying many black
    men – and it is the duty of white women to do this – to
    meet the sexual needs of the black man – and of course
    you should have fun while doing it.
    As they say in Chinese “Rots of Ruck”

    1. Thanks, and yes I believe that it’s a shame anytime a white woman refuses the sexual desires of a black man but that may be because I’ve only been capable of achieving an orgasm through intercourse with black men. The main point that I was trying to make is that in films I’ve noticed that some actresses will close their mouths, turn their heads, or raise their heads at they moment in which they anticipate that a black man is going to ejaculate and I find that very disrespectful. That would be perfectly ok with white a man but not a black man as I always want to be looking directly at the black man’s penis, I want to be beside or below his penis, and I want to keep my mouth open whether I’m just smiling or attempting to catch his ejaculate.

    1. Thanks you Sirblck, I just can’t help how arousing, sexually stimulating, and orgasmic sex with black men is for me and I’m very proud of the fact.

  4. follow ur heart , u know what satisfies u…. dont get programmed by a small cock … he pbly loves bbc more than u , bt denies u bc he cant have it ……. DO you baby ,,,, hes gna deal with what u do …. he cant get a better woman …hes gna stay with u no matter how many blk guys u fuck

    1. Thanks again bbcmilfhuntr, for the first time in my life I’m actually considering asking the black guys if I may receive anal sex from them, I never thought of it with white men ever, but I never enjoyed sex with white men as much as I do with black men either.

  5. Your a beautiful and you have a gorgeous body. You are having fun now and glad to know that you are trying new things with your black friends. Your obviously very care of who you fuck but you also get caught up in the moment and swallow some even not knowing them that good. Hit me up so we can chat about this some more and see where it leads to

    1. Thanks, I am having fun and as I mentioned in a previous post I’m thinking of asking the black guys for anal sex but I can see where it could possibly be embarrassing for me if it doesn’t turn out well. One thing’s for sure, if they allow me the opportunity to have anal sex with them I would be very grateful for the experience and I would definitely be sure to clean their handsome black penises for them when we were finished.

  6. You are incredibly beautiful and sexy Amanda. It’s a shame your ex husband is not in the lifestyle, you are a dream wife for my taste. I’m glad to see you are concerned about STD’s. Stay healthy and have lot’s of fun.

  7. Can we see some more photos of you – prefferably with your
    BBC lovers – but even just of yourelf – whatever you’re comfortable
    You’re gorgeous – ‘glad you’re pleasing BBCs with your nice body.

    1. Thanks, but I just wanted to post here once to vent and express myself of my wants, needs, and my new found desires as well as to get some feedback from the community. I’m hoping that nobody recognizes me as it is.

    1. Thank you very much sir, and I would assume that you’re a black man as I tend to only address black men and/or any man who’s a veteran of the U.S. military who’ve actually served in a war zone as sir. I would love to but I’ve already got enough going on here, if I don’t limit myself self on sexual activities with black men I could easily become a sex addict.

  8. I am more than sure they will ask to fuck that tight ass of yours. It will be out of this world and you will an even happier, beautiful blonde after you try it. Let us know how it goes.

    1. Thanks, I would really love to try it but I would be so embarrassed if any odors develop or any of my fecal matter gets on their huge black and handsome penises or winds up being visible at my anus during the sex act.

  9. Even though you’re beautiful, it’s nice that you understand
    that for a white women to have sex with a Black Man is an
    honor and a privilage. Also, it’s the right of every black man
    to be respected by every white women – especially in matters
    of sex. Refusing or questioning a Black Man is very insulting
    and disrespectful. Every white woman shoud be as smart
    and sensitive as you in understanding this.
    Keep up the good work that you’re doing in pleasing Black
    Men with your sex godess body.

    1. Thank you Kevin, I truly hope that more and more white women like myself will come to understand our place and open up to black men fully pleasing them with all that they have as I try to do each and every time.

    1. Thank you Alex, my idea of getting freaky is masturbating to interracial pornagrafy (black men with white women only) when neither of the black men I’m having sexual relations with are available and I’m felling aroused.

      1. Another point I must make as far as pornagrafy goes, as far as I’m concerned I like to see black men and black men only involved in pornagraphic films, for some reason when I see men of any other race and especially white men having sex with anyone on film it looks gross and disturbing to me for some reason. I feel that black men should be captured on film have sex with women of all races and especially sharing themselves with women of other races such as hispanic women, asian women, and a lot of white women.

  10. Amanda .. you are one sexy piece of ass!!! Ever consider fucking a big fat Mexican dick? If you ever decide to.. Ill be your man.. enjoy your BBC!

    1. Hello Kale, no I haven’t traveled out of state to meet friends, I only leave the state for family. I’ve got plenty of friends in this area already.

    1. Hello Tony, I’m very sorry sir but I’m busy as it is and I can see where I could become some sort of sex addict if I have too much sex with too many black men as I’m so very very orgasmic each and every time I’m with a black man, but thank you so much for the offer sir.

      1. Thanks for the response Amanda. I’m a member of the site.

        If circumstances change feel free to contact me to see if there.

        is any chemistry.


  11. Hi Amanda,
    You are a very special person. You are doing the right thing.
    You are giving yourself to the black man – as every white woman
    should. It is one of the waysthat we, (white folks) can repay the
    black man and please him, make him happy and show him the
    proper respect.
    I agree that black men having sex with white women is the most
    natural and the most visually pleasing of any sex. It seems very
    natural – and the way sex was meant to be.
    Of course it is important for white people to have children so in the
    future there will be enough whites to serve the black race and, of
    course, there needs to be enough white women to please, serve
    and satisfy black men in the future. We must always think of serving
    the black man — even into the futire.
    You are an outstanding example to all white women. Thank You and
    please keep up the excellent work that you are doing in bringing pleasure
    to the Black Man.

  12. As beautiful and sexy as you are, you deserve to have
    only the biggest, thickest and hardest of BBC – and the
    Black Man deserves to have someone as nice and as
    sexy as you.
    Keep up the great work that you are doing – and Thank
    You on behalf of all white folks.

    1. Thank you very much Larry and yes I do believe that I’m now in my proper place as I truly feel all white women should routinely be serving black men and providing for their sexual needs.

  13. Going back to what you mentioned earlier. Anal sex is lots of fun and very arousing and stimulating. Don’t be afraid of the size of our black cocks entering your ass. We are all human and if there is a slight piece of you on my vock it’s only natural, and with all the moaning and sweat going on its all good as long as both parties enjoy it and I know fucking your tight ass is going to be a pleasure.


    1. Thank you Al, it’s very nice of you to fill me in on your experiences sir. I’ll be keeping it all in mind as I grow, mature, and advance further in my sex life now that I’ve severed my ties with white men and I’m now strictly bbc only and being able to achieve an orgasm isn’t a problem any more.

  14. I am a trucket who lives in phoenix az but travels ca, nm,co oregon would like to meet asian or white women whi need some deep sex

  15. Glad your strictly for black only. You are so hot and I know you will do good with the brothers. I work all over and hope I am near you one day but for now enjoy all we have to offer and milk them dry.

    1. Thank you sir, I truly want to please black men, when the guys I’m with are around at a party at any time when any other black man drops his pants I instantly want to give him a blow job or ask him to have sexual intercourse with me, yet I feel disheartened if I feel the need to ask the black man or any black man to put a condom on.

  16. Hello Amanda,
    Very happy to know that you belong to black and I know that you would make me happy in serving our needs and giving yourself in any position and making us happy. Even better when it’s a beautiful respectful white lady like yourself and is available in all positions and even that fine ass of yours. Would like to know more of what your capable of if your up for it. Just add to my screen name. Would like to exchange desires and pleasures.


    1. Sir, respectful is the only way ANY woman should be especially when addressing a black man, and all of us white women should be ALWAYS be flattered to be allowed to give a black man a blow job or have sex with him.

  17. ‘Glad you’re serving the needs of black men – as every white woman
    has a moral (and hopefully one day a legal) obligation to do.
    Keep up the good work.

  18. Hello Amanda,

    I believe you are not only beautiful but more than thoughtful to post what type of woman you are. I would love to have a encounter with you. I live downtown ATL. and hope our paths cross.


    1. Thank you, I’m sure that I would love to but I’m very busy in my day to day and with the handsome cocked black men with whom I feel that I truly must give my all to regularly.

  19. It would be the hottest thing I would ever see, you being gang banged by several dominant black men. I live in north Florida and would love to arrange this for you. I will find the studs, fly you to Panama City Beach, have you a luxurious room in an upscale condo, all taken care of, I’d treat you like a queen and the BBC’s would treat you like a cum slut.

  20. Sexy, I’m from GA (Atlanta) and would love to be on that train serving you on a regular!!! Please let em know if you have room for another Southern BBC

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