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White slutty chubby loves it black

My dirty, little, chubby wife loves to get black cock as often as she can. She thinks I’m unaware of her fucking around. I travel a lot due to my work schedule which gives her plenty of time to fuck around. I found out about this about three months ago from a black friend of mine that kept seeing her in a club that is nearby. He told me that he has seen her there quite often and has witnessed her to leave 4 different times, with 4 different black men. He said he followed her one night to see where she went. There is a motel about 2 miles from the club and that’s were she took her date. She even went in and rented the room while the guy waited in the car. How about that for insult to injury? She used my money to pay for a room where another guy fucked her. What a fuckin’ whore!! Here’s a pic of her that I found on her phone. I’ve never seen her wearing this dress. I expect she was on her way out to get laid. Let’s have some feed back guys. What would you do and what do you think of her?white slutty chubby loves it black

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9 thoughts on “White slutty chubby loves it black

  1. She is clearly dressed for picking up some strange cock. And that look in her eye says it all. Fuck my old white cunt with your big throbbing black cock!

  2. That’s just the way it is, we white guys just can’t satisfy
    our women – even old bags with nothing to offer (like
    your wife) want bigger and better then what they’re getting
    at home.
    You really can’t blame her for wanting the finer (and bigger)
    things in life – just accept it – it’s a sign of the times!

  3. Wow, what a nasty little slut you have there. Love that fuckin dress of her’s. Most black men love a dirty white whore dressed in red, it just say’s (Do me rough and nasty). I’d love to give her my BBC, deep in her wore out pussy, flabby ass, and filthy mouth. Bet she’d swallow every drop for me. I like to rip that dress off her and throw her down and fuck the shit outa her from behind. The whole time she’d be telling me what a whore, pig, slut, trashbag she is, and yelling my name at the top of her lungs to pound her harder. Yea bro, looks like you married a total black cock lovin whore. Lets see some naked pics of this pig. I bet she got stretch marks on her fat gut, and saggin tits and cottage cheeses ass, with a big fuckin hole between her legs. Let’s see some more pics.

  4. I totally encourage my partner to sleep with BBC….it turns us both on immensely…….as long as it’s bare back & all her holes are used

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