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Black Surprise for wife

Lina knew husbant had always had the hots for her, so it was very sexy the way she looked at you when she sucked off the new Black guy she had started dating[media id=859 width=591 height=443]Believe me I got a lot more stuff to show. My wife is maniac for black cock and I snapped her on plenty of pics and vids on Personal Clips!

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6 thoughts on “Black Surprise for wife

  1. Asshole,,needs to find the Superior BLACK SEED,,that this Sweet Fertile pussy is in NEED. BREEDING SEASON.

  2. Lots of comments about how he should had done better – the question is – do you have a better video of either YOU performing taking care of a couple or a better bull fucking your wife!
    Its easy to be a critique – so lets see some evidence you’ve gotten your ass off the sidelines and into the game!

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