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Should I go black for good?

my family and i recently moved to texas from the northeast. i have a new black boyfriend he’s in law enforcement, he pretty much wears a cowboy hat and boots while at work or not, he’s got several horses, listens to country, very hard rock, and some mexican music. I’m not use to any of what I’ve experienced since the move, including him (a black guy), i never knew how large a penis could be, how long a guy could last, how much i could get off during intercourse, or how much a guy could ejaculate. i haven’t told my family that I’m dating a black guy, should i? and should i stay with him? i really want to.Should I go black for good?

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8 thoughts on “Should I go black for good?

  1. He lassoed a nice looking cowgirl!
    You should be proud to be with such a black stud.
    The reason some may not appove is because they’re jealous.
    You should enjoy yourself, stay with him, and have a few of his
    Don’t forget to send us a few photos of you and him horsing
    Ridem’ cowgirl!

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