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13 thoughts on “Blond girlfriend swallows his cum

  1. Nice vid. Just because the bull says that she has to take it all is meaningless if he nuts in her mouth right after. He should either enjoy what he has and STFU, or maybe the blonde BBC cocksucker should find a REAL Bull who will make her take it all.

    1. Obviously it meant she had to swallow ass his nut like a good BBC slut. you’re just assuming that this 5-minute video is the only thing they did during the entire session. You up in here Hatin from the sidelines, smh…

      1. “Obviously” you didn’t bother to read that it took 5 minutes to get that far in her mouth, and then he nutted. We all saw it … it was obvious.

        Obviously you should leave the obvious comments to those who read and not make shit up to fit what they want it to be. Obviously.

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