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Soon To Be Fiancee

My girlfriend of several years recently chested on me, and at first I was highly upset. But after some time, the thought of it began to turn me on.

I’ve seen interracial and cuckold porn before, so obviously my mind began to race. She cheated on me with a white guy, but thinking of her being dominated by a black cock, or several, really turns me on.

She has a gorgeous curvy body, that I catch men, black men included, staring at. And as you can see, I am about average, compared to other guys.

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7 thoughts on “Soon To Be Fiancee

  1. 40 year old well endowed black male, I’m 9 inches long and 6 inches thick and I’m very oral. I’m drug drama disease free I do live alone and I stay in the Decatur area. If you’re interested in you like what you see leave me a message and we can go from there please be serious about meeting.

  2. Sounds like she has a taste for vanilla, and you think it would be cool to see her take chocolate. If she wanted to fuck a black guy – she would have. She cheated on you – you had her a gf for “several years” and she cheats on you and you want to step it up? No consequences for the cheating, right? Probably going to lose her cheating ass, if you don’t realize you’ve lost her already. Have fun trying to steer her black if she doesn’t want to.

    I’d hit that, once your are out of the picture.

  3. You are a natural cuck. However, while your situation sounds interesting, certain things are unclear. Why did your girlfriend cheat on you? Was the cause a real problem in your relationship or a simple need on her part for extracurricular sex? If the former, then you will lose her to any superior cock (black, white, etc.) she enjoys too much. If the latter, then your girlfriend has a sexually adventurous nature which needs to be satisfied and you two may have the basis of a healthy cuckold relationship. Since she is your “soon to be financee”, is your girlfriend unaware that you know of her infidelity or is everything out in the open and you two have discussed your feelings and reconciled? The secret of a good cuckold relationship is trust and sensible ground rules. I introduced my wife to black cock as part of my fantasy. She agreed to try a black lover on a one time basis to make me happy, then completely loved it and now is serviced regularly by circle of well hung black studs while I watch. None of our family or friends know and, if you met her, you would think she was an innocent, petite and rather shy Asian housewife. Our marriage is very strong because we place our relationship and family first over our sexual gratification and keep no secrets from each other. In the end, if you want to achieve a healthy cuckold relationship with your girlfriend, you will need to know why she cheated on you, whether she likes the idea of have a cuckold relationship with you and what ground rules you two will set. Good luck.

  4. It was my partner’s birthday & for a suprise a got her a male escort (black) tall well built kinda guy.
    He gave a her a night of pleasure she’ll never forget. It’s kinda back fired on me really…….he now lives in our apartment at weekends while a keep in the spare room out of sight.
    She does how ever allows me to clean all of her holes after he’s pumped his loads in her…. it’s always messy

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