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25 thoughts on “Come on Girls

  1. Oh Ishiboy, if only I had known you lived in London only I`ve only just got back from there after 3 days of Christmas shopping with some girlfriends.
    We could have met up for some lunch or dinner.
    Why dont you E-Mail me and tell me all about yourself and I`ll do the same once I`ve got your
    E-Mail address and we can see if we like what we read.
    Lyndsey X

  2. my wife would love you to be her first bbc. would like to meet up regular for sessions.could you get in touch with me first and i will put you in contact with her. o,seven,five,one,nine,four,one,00,one,two.

  3. Hi
    Looking for w/e black male for wifes birthday suprise
    If interested get in contact and will give you all the details

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