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I got it at i wnat more..

Hi Guys, i posted in September 22nd Naughty me..have a look..I thought i have to show you what i have been up to. I met a Black guy, very handsome and very longgggggg ..heheh, just abit skinny but o my o my…My hubby went for his boys night out and i have arrange to go out with my "girlfriends" …instead i met , lets call him "Joe" at the gym and we arrange to meet up for drinks that evening..He ask if we could have drinks at his place and first being abit scared i decided ..this my change !! well we havent finished our first drinks and we were all over each other..we took some shots, sorry the pics not the very best as it was abit dark and we had to put cam on cabinet appologies.. Wow was he a good was so amazing looking at how he fuck me with his long black cock..i shivered continuesly as i cum and we continued for maybe 2 hours when i had to rush back home.. Best part was when my hubby got home i was already in bed and just you and me know what I was up to that night..take care and hope i meet more vlack monster lovers..YUMMY!!I got it at lastI got it at last

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20 thoughts on “I got it at i wnat more..

  1. Hi there, I saw your ad back in september and would love to meet with you as well. I’m in the nearby area. Hope to hear from you soon!

  2. That’s the kind of “girl’s night out” all white women should have more often!
    ‘Glad you had a nice time. We look forward to hearing about, and seeing,
    more of your BBC adventures!

    1. Dan, we can’t expect our white women to get off on fucking us for ever, especially the hotter sexier white women that some of us white guys have. These lovely ladies need something more exciting and erotic, they need something more than company while walking every morning or a foot rub which brings pleasure in her eyes and face. When it’s time for sex so many of our ladies require the black man and his impressive cock to truly get off when it’s time for sex.

  3. The pussy between her legs belongs to her. If she wants a little variety that’s her choice. The pussy doesn’t belong to her husband. If she enjoys a long black dick then there isn’t any reason she shouldn’t enjoy one or more. If her hubby doesn’t approve she just needs to be careful so she doesn’t get bred.

    1. In a marriage two becomes one and both have the ownership of the other as someone you truly love and feel for, it’s wrong for any spouse to do something behind their spouses back, there are plenty of us white guys who are completely OK with our white, Asian, or Hispanic ladies sucking and fucking black men, it’s an honor for so many of us for black men to enjoy our ladies and it makes our ladies even hotter and sexier than ever to do so.

  4. first time wow!! was it really as good as they say ..did he hurt ..better than nwhite guys….did you orgasm…..really want to try but very apprehesi8ve help!!!!

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