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12 thoughts on “Did she?

  1. i hope they did, she has a hot body and gets so wet when i tell her i’d like to see a big black cock sliding in and out of her.

    just knowing his hands were all over her ass and body makes me hard

  2. she is so beautiful, i would love to see her riding his bbc, that smile would be even bigger. i think she did, if she didnt she wanted to.

  3. she looks just like a friend of mine. Are you kidding? That guy is fine! and he ain’t going to waste the night holding hands and hugging. Men that sexy who exude that much confidence go for what they want and get what they want. in this case it was your girlfriend. sorry bout that, but its for the best look at her. the eyes and smile tell all you need to know about how excited she is.

  4. I got no reason to sound like a lawyer. But I got no reason to doubt her word. They hooked up,okay. Then what? She could’ve used her mouth to vacuum out his scrotum. And he could’ve sucked her pussy till it turned inside out.

  5. Believe me,,my pussy was so Ready when they touched me,,my Ovulating Pussy got the Bottom Knocked out,& Yes it was PERFECT,,I Love BLACK Thug’s. Buy her perfume,& sexy outfits & watch her Purr on that BLACK MEAT.

  6. Honey,,he’s tapping Cherri,,this guy inseminated her w that SUPERIOR BLACK SEED..please admit,,that TURNS U ON,,go ahead & JACK OFF.

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