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Just how it should be!

What a night! A Black man should always have a white slut to use as he sees fit, and fortunately, my couple agrees. This white slut takes my cock in all of her holes, and lets me cum wherever I please, without ever spilling a drop. I LOVE white pussy, and in fact, I will ONLY fuck white pussy. Why go anywhere else!? XXX10.jpg (1022 KB)white slutwhite slutwhite slut

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8 thoughts on “Just how it should be!

  1. White pussies were meant for BBCs.
    White dicks should get some only to ensure more white pussies in the future for next generations of BBCs.

    Always good to see wedding ring to white hubby though.

  2. Very nice photos – and nice to see you do such good work! That white couple are very fortunate to have you. Keep up the good work and thank you for your service.
    Keep posting your good work so we white guys can have an occasional thrill, thanks.

  3. bbcaron I have a different opinion,in the end same result,black cock is created for every white,asian married wife to get a proper satisfying fuck in all her hole’s,I am agree that white husbands should only get some pussy to make white daughters so that they to gan get the ultimate enjoyment of getting her ass,cunt,mouth fucked to pieces by black meat,every white or asian married woman needs hard black cock for sex and nothing but sex,after the black man has satisfied our body’s enough,its get out and I will call you when I need your cock,lets be honest we all know thats the only reason for be asociated with them bulls SEX AND SEX ONLY ,lucky for them I would say,you use their body like they use our body,nothing wrong with that,we all know and have our place and usefullness in society ,works for everybody,

  4. Watching black men Fucking my wife has made a marriage so much better we got the most out of our marriage after my wife started fucking black man

  5. White pussy is made to sexually satisfy the black man and to accept his black cum. Exactly as it should and will be.

    The future will be more black guys getting more white pussy and more white boys getting much less pussy but much more masturbation and clean up duties.

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