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First night with black Master – interracial sex

After wedding ceremony that kinky lady went to her new lover’s place instead of spending that first night with her husband. Now she calls him to make sure he is alright in there. However he can’t even wank his tiny prick since he is kept in chastity![media id=431 width=590 height=443]Don’t miss that wedding cuckold porn at PersonalClips and check for other stunning movies uploaded by real people there!

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17 thoughts on “First night with black Master – interracial sex

  1. she is perfect and i would love to give the new bride the same wedding presents i am sure she would be more than happy with my gift.


  2. Very Sexy Video!
    Smart bride – she understands the key to a satisfying and happy
    white marriage is having a BBC available for her sexual pleasure.
    Her BBC stud should be taken on the honeymoon (all expenses
    fully paid of course) to ensure a memorable and enjoyable
    honeymoon and to get the marriage started in the right way.
    ‘Glad to see she understands how to acheive “wedding bliss’!

  3. This is how more white marriages should be. It is great that only the black man took care of her sexually on her honeymoon and the new husband was kept in chastity and unable to even fuck his new wife or even beat himself off.

    That is the way it should be though, the white boy has a new wife that he hasn’t even fucked yet but the black man has already and he knows exactly how good that new married white pussy is.

    1. I agree, it’s the best thing for a white wedding. Only black lover can fuck the wife.During this time, white man have to work and get money for his wife.

  4. The ideal white marriage: The husband stays at home, locked in chastity, while his wife goes out and fucks black cock.

  5. How perfect. A gorgeous white bride pounded into ecstasy on her wedding night by a magnificent black stud. I would so love to be her lucky husband/property, though it would kill me to not be in the same room stroking my petite cock while feasting on this exquisitely beautiful scene with my own eyes.

  6. Great Vid remibnds me of my wedding night when my husband gave me to his Balck friend. My husband stayed in the next room then in the morning came in and licked my well used pussy clean

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