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My wifes first black guy

We met this guy in a hotel and he was HUGE

He fucked her like never before and we cant wait to meet him again

if there are any other hung good looking black guys in the north of england come and say hi

We would love to know what you think of the picsmy wifes first black guy

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18 thoughts on “My wifes first black guy

    1. Hi Torpedo,

      I just love that picture and what you say is so right.
      I do hope that they are breeding together. I am quite jealous but I do get my share now..

      1. Everyone should at try to find what their pleasure limit is. Most women never come close to experiencing how much pleasure they are capable of.

  1. Hi Diana
    You should never be jealous, there is always plenty of cock around to fuck and breed you. You can’t fuck them all but you should be able find enough to fill your needs

  2. Hi Torpedo,

    No not really jealous, just happy to see a girl getting her fist which she’ll never forget. I got my first up against a wall in the back of a shop and it was fantastic. I never knew I could take that much or that it would be so good.I’m now quite addicted.

    1. Torpedo, Not sure what you mean do I post? A new one on me .Usually with a guy the first time I like to start on top but my first black guy I lost control so quickly I couldn’t get him in fast enough.

    2. Torpedo, How did your friend get on with her twins – not her husbands I guess. I wondered if I had brought back an unexpected souvenir from holiday. though my husband knew I’d had black guy (my first) he may not have welcomed a black baby. Since then he knows I have to get black and so we holiday in West Indies/Gambia
      and if I find a guy I like in a bar, restaurant whatever the old man goes off and leaves us to it. and I catch up with him later. The guys realise immediately when my husband leaves that I’m available and propositon me straightaway and we don”t waste much time. Quite often up against a wall.

      1. My friend ended up getting divorced. Apparently he thought they were a little too dark to be his. No the twins aren’t mine. I didn’t meet her until the twins were a few years old. Good lesson though. If you are married you need to be responsible for your birth control if pregnancy is an issue. A lot of guys black or white will tell you they are safe just so they can fuck you and they generally don’t care if you get bred.

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