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Fisrt time bbc in hotel (true story)

My blonde wife had tight pussy, a virgin asshole, she is beautifull : B cups, wonderfull ass, long legs, natural blonde long hair. She has always been a true girl and in the bed not so hot, she like missionary and sometimes doggy, no anal and few cold blow job . I like to lick pussy and she was a bit ashamed to get it. Moreover short dress only at seaside on holiday and no sexy lingerie. I have always dreamed about sexy situation and public, but no way with her.
this summer we were on holidayin a big hotel.I have ask for a game, (thinking she was answering as usual “NOT possible”), I ask her to fuck doggy but she has on the bed, naked, with eyes covered and hearphone with music. ? i was surprise thet she has accepted ! so I ask her to be doggy on the bed, with the door of the room behind us. When she was in that position Islowly move to the door and I left the door a bit open to allow people to see us, I was excited about the fact to be seen fucking without my wife know it.
my hot wifemy hot wife
So I start to massage the bums and during this time somebody look in and went away, three people has had a look in and then gone away then when I was starting fucking my wife I heard somebody at the the door, I turn my head and i have seen a black male aroud 40 ears old, good looking that was looking at us wanking his cock so I do nor know why but I invite him in the room whispering him not to speak.

I move away from the ass of my wife and ; he start to lick the pussy with his plump tongue then he move the tongue around the little hole that start to pulse and my wife was moving and moaning as never seen and hear before, the asshole open a bit and he put his tongue in, then he moves the tongue to the pussy sliding in it and at the same time fingering the asshole (somenthing that she has never loved); believe me my wife was near to shout enjoying it and me too I was excited in looking them so exited that I start to wank. Then he push his hard and pulsing cock against the asshole, but I whisper him not to do it (it would have been too much get the virgin ass of my life!!!) so he slide his cock in the pussy going on fingering the asshole, my life moves and enjoy as never seen and heard!!!

He moves slow and really deep in my wife pussy so after few minutes both were cumming. I told the man that now he can left us and i close the door whispering to be dicrete. My wife was still in the same doggy position and said to me that I have been great and that she wants to be fucked again (I thought, doing a mistake, that she had not realize what happens), I push my hard cock even bigger than usual against her pussy and with my really big surprice she move the hand under his body and got bring my cock to the asshole!!!that was still wet of the tongue of the man before, I lube her and i slide in, I was happy, surprised and excited about that and we have had a great sexy night both we enjoy the anal sex.
Next morning we wake up and we wear to go to have breakfast before the beach.
She was wearing a tight and short white beachrobe, the breakfast room was quite empty so we take place; Ii have seen that there was only the black man of the night before, he was sitting some meters on my right side behind me just near the desk with bread on it. My wife was in front of him and sure she has seen him (moreover he was goodlooking with athletic body), he was wearing short tight pants ready for the beach. I have given one quick look turning my head and i have seen that he was looking at my wife showing moving the tongue between the lips!! I turn my head and i have seen my wife red in face!! She said nothing and she told me she has to go to the toilet, she come back and sit in front of me just to say “I need bread” she went to get bread and I look at her. She was in front of the desk with the black man sitting behind, she bent over to get bread when suddenly the man was standing up and I see his cock becoming hard inside the pants, he moves behind my wife and he was pushing his cock to the ass of my wife (I am sure he touch it with the cock!!) whispering somenthing to her.

My wife red in face and with a new sight in her eyes come back to our table; she make a spoon fall down.., I bent to get it , she open the legs and she show me the nude pussy!!!now I have understand the reason to go to the toilet..and what that man has seen at the bread desk ! , what a vision he has seen: my wife bent with the short beachrobe wearing..nothing!!!After that she said “I am going in the room you can stay here i will come back”, she got the lift and the black man follow her too, I have tried to go and get the elevator, but too late so I thought to move to the stairs but suddenly the elevator alarm starts. I ask the reception and they say that there was no problem because there’s a direct hot line from the elevator to the technical assistance. The 2 men of the technical assistance come after 15 minutes and they were laughing about somenthing and one whisper to the other “hope they have finish!” and the other “sure they were talking when I park so at least she should have the mounth free now!!” Have you understand ? they have fuck inside the lift with assistance line open!!!
When they come out both were wet and she look at me saying :”we can go to the beach now I have look and got a great cock!!!).
So from this summer my wife is changed, my wife dress in a reallly sexy way she fuck with me doing all, but do not think that all is great, wearing so sexy she makes men turn on and sometimes in shop she provocate and she fuck with the employee, sometimes at home she become like a whore when we have guest and always when I am there. i am humiliate as well excited and she like to see that. Now she is looking on the web to find a couple of men because she want have a threesome !! So I will be forever cuckold because of a joke!! let me know if intereste and let me know if I have done the right choice that night

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26 thoughts on “Fisrt time bbc in hotel (true story)

  1. That was a great story, I know plenty of white babes that like to fuck around on vacation, get some of that extra black dick they can’t try back home for obvious reasons.

  2. Lovely story simular to what my husband and I did. My husband works for a mostly black firm and he won a trip. His boss told him that for him to keep his job he needed to have his wife go on the trip in her most fertile time and let the black men at the resort have their way with her bare back. He had not told me of that development and after getting there he had put a drug into several of my drinks that had me wanting to get fucked in the worst way. We went out to a bar with me wearing only a dress. My nipples were hard and over an inch long and my cunt was on fire with no hair but a landing strip. Their many white females all married there so I did not feel unconfortable. We were all dancing with black men and I had asked another woman if she had seen my husband since I was unable to locate him. She told me not to worry as we were moving to a more private area. Now I was in a room with twenty-four other white women and being told that there was going to an auction and we all were the ones being auctioned off. Off came our dresses and the first thing I noticed all of our cunts had landing strips and our lips were very puffy. The other thing was that we all had very large breasts. While in the room before the bidding everyone was naked and there were black hands all over our bodies. Now we all on stage and being bidded on and as we are won we go to the front row and sit down on the winners cock. Here we are on stage as we watch her take his huge black cock and put in her white cunt and slowly sit down on him. When it is my turn I could not believe that the man that had won me would ever be able to get his cock into me but I was wrong and he slipped right in. For the next three weeks hundreds of black men bred me. None of the twenty-five of us had a period the next month. The other thing was that all of our husbands worked for the same black firm and after have four black daughters his boss has put twins into me two more times and I am now pregnant with black babies in me again.

    1. My wife and I are new to swinging the whole setup u describe has us BOTH interested is there anyway my wife could join a trip/party like that or do you know any of those men who would want to take. Her on a trip with them..? Text or call anytime very real!!! she is 22 4’11 95lbs

      1. First of all, I am a male; I never imagined floating into the idea of my girlfriend/wife/significant other, doing anything with amyone else but me. Until I was part of a fantasy, and was with another pair. It’s pure adrenaline, kind of like what watching porn does. Try it, before you buy it or knock it. The key to success is that ‘a good first time’. Has to happen.

    2. Hey sexy. You so damned sexy woman. You got what you deserved to get. Black cock is different than white cock. The black cock fuck better than white cock. Am sure you discovered the difference inside your fucking cunt. If you need more black cocks, here you can get. Contact me.

    3. I love it my wife was racist and I got her to eventually fuck my black friend and she loved his huge black cock

  3. A year ago i saw the very first black guy whos cock was over 11 inches long. To this day i still think about it and how my cock is maybe four inches long. What chance do i have against a guy like that who is over three times my size. I always think about my wife and what she would do if she has an 11 inch black cock dangling in front of her. I think i know what she would do but i souldnt blame her. My wife would probably be on it like a dog whos lost its favourite bone.

  4. Im not worried, I can bring my wife to EARTHQUAKE Orgasms just by sliding my 7′ inch thick penis into her… I LOVE it.. and when I get crazy pumping, I have sent her to the end of the bed many times..

  5. My ex girlfriend cheated on me with her ex he was white as I am to I caught her cheating and confronted her about it she apologized and said it wouldn’t happen again I told her that I wanted to fuck her right then and there or was he still smell like his balls and his cum I told her I had no problem with her cheating on me as long as you told me. And agreed to only fuck black guys she was nervous at first ever fucked black guy so I told her I would blindfold her we got a room and I invited Mike this black guy we met off of Craigslist to come over and fuck my girl she is mixed half white half Mexican I had her tied to the bed and blindfolded I told Mike she was his to do as he pleased. He ate her pussy and then took his big long thick black cock and thrust himself inside of her. She moan in ecstasy with every thrust he stretched her out a little more she was 19 i was 23. Mike enter my GF raw and fucked her hard 4 over 2 hours I videoed the whole thing you make my girlfriend scream and Mona ways I never could have ever thought of doing to her he also made her cum in ways i never could he looked at me and said I’m going to come in your girl.she immediately said give me that black baby and embrace him in a passionate kiss and she grabbed his ass and pulled him closer to her after a brief moment he got up grab camera and told me to hold her legs up high so she could get pregnant after 10 minutes he told me to eat her pussy it tasted so good filled with black cum he then told me has he spoken us to stick my dick in her to feel how stretch she is inside. I instantly fell in and came in under 2min after that my ex-girlfriend loved black dick and cuckold me on a reg and eventually i wore a dick chasity she had multiple black lovers and would call me while i was at work fucking a black guy in r place and i would listen in my 5in cock was no match length and girth of a superior black cock. 3 years went by.At witch point we did a lot of 3somes and her lover would like me to eat her out while he fucks her from behind he would cum in my mouth or in her pussy but would slip his dick in my mouth. My ex GF told me she wants to be black breed so i made it happen 20 black men cum in my girl twice she was pregnant with a black baby i signed BIrth Cer at hospital and the look on my Family face she wanted another blackbaby so i supported her and made it happen she left me after second child and married her black lover sense then ive been forced fem gay by bbc and am a full time dad she sees kids on weekends and lets me watch her and her lover once in a while i get made fun of by her family and mine and currently have a new GF who cuckolds me and wants a black baby shes 18 im 28 now her and my ex have shared the same bbc and my ex wants to attend the breeding party while i film help my GF get pregnant im looking forward to being a father again I’m doing my job as a beta white boy

    1. My wife never cheated on me in 14 years. Then she let a black man she had been working with for 4 years have her. He was wanting her for a long time & she knew it. It finally started & it became an on going affair. I live with it and realize I could not stop it. Black guys do it so good!

  6. My young wife had let myself and a friend she was attracted to give her the first ever kinky sex for a few months on and off. So after lots of looking and planning I set up a meeting for my wife to get a BADASS naked massage after the club one night “she is a superrrrrr shy girl… she grew up a Pentecostal preachers daughter” one arriving to the hotel and entering she finally met the black man who would change her sex life forever!!!! I told her to go ahead and let him start so she stripped down to her sexy thong and bra and layer on her belly. I kept catching her and him locking eyes and I knew that even though I told her it was strictly a massage that if I asked her if he could fuck her she was FINALLY going to be so horny she would over come the shy persona she had and push aside the religious beliefs that were hounded into her growing up!! I was right not 2 min into the massage he asked if he could slide his finger inside her pussy as he massages her.. she looked back at me when he asked and I told her it’s ur call honey do WHATEVER you want!! “This was a huge step for her considering she had NEVER even seen a black cock except in a few sex video I had shown her” so as she payed there getting massages and finger it was no time she was so worked up she told him to stop a sec and rolled over to her knees and proceeded to slide her panties off that’s when he looked at me and I told him if she wants to fuck u he had %100 percent permission. So that’s when he removed his boxers. And rather then being a thick 8in like he said when I asked while setting up the massages just Incase she did say she wanted to fuck him…….. he actually was MORE like 10in long and another 1.5 in thicker “the man had a large cock for his 6’0 180lbs frame. His cock was even on the large size for a black man his size. Once he pulled it out my wife wouldn’t even hardly look at me, I immediately pointed out the obvious saying he was huge and asked Jessica if she could even fit him inside of her. “Which she replied with,”well see” 🙂 that’s when I preceded to record her suck her very first black cock ever “ IT WAS ALSO HER LARGEST AND ONLY the 5th man to ever fuck her”!!!! After recording her suck him and getting the first 90sec of him FINALLY slipping the tip of his cock inside her raw pussy over and over till he had fit the majority of his bbc inside of her. “This was HUGE for our relationship because till that moment I was by far her largest cock ever” the sounds she made as he started thrusting and giving her all she could handle were mind blowing after the first 90sec and a few positions later she looked up and asked if I would go to the bathroom so she could fuck him in private I agreed and went to the bathroom and waited for about min hearing the occasional moaning, or hearing him ask how much she liked his black inside her, I even heard her tell him she loved his cock that it’s the biggest one she had ever seen by far during one of the several orgasm he gave her all over the room…!! She finally called me back in to join in but as I came out of the bath room he had her back on the edge of the bed railing her tiny white pussy faster and faster he told me to get closer and that’s when he UNLOADED a massive amount of cum inside her!!! It seriously was MoRe then twice my normal load…. watching his cock throbbing with ever thrust was pretty easy since the size of his cock had Jessica’s pussy lips stretched more the she had ever felt it was so tight around his cock it looked like her lips were painted onto the shaft of his BBC !!! He pulled out and walked to the bathroom and she stud up quickly but while doing so a HUGE goop about the size of a tennis ball fell out of her pussy on the carpet, I told her to wait sec and I grabbed her and tossed her back onto the bed and said I needed a quick turn now so she payed back and I basically fell into the hole which use to be her pussy it was so stretched and so gooy I had never felt anything like it that’s when he walked back out climbed on the bed and put his over sized ball sack over her eyes and face and made her take turns suck his nuts and ball sack. During suck my wife asked why I pulled my cock out…””” I told her I didn’t I was as hard as I could get I just stopped thrust for a sec to check my phone”. He had my wife’s pussy so numb that she couldn’t even feel me inside of her fully erect!!!! That turned me on so much I started pumping faster and faster till I cummed inside of her also:)) she ended up loving it so much she has now met and fucked his 14times in 18 months including last night when she had me leave for awhile so he could come over to our place and fuck her in our bed raw. After he left my wife told me while he was getting close to finishing he admitted to her that he wish she would get pregnant and have his baby… she told me she looked him in the eyes gave him a huge tongue filled kiss and told his that if he wanted to that he could and to give her his load. He already knew there was a risk because she is allergic to most all condoms and birth control gives her MAJOR panic attacks so she no longer takes that either… it makes me happy the pleasure she received but also NERVOUS because I know she meant it when she told him he could knock her tiny married white pussy up!!!! If anyone likes our story email us we have lots of videos too 😉

    1. Hi there
      Your story is amazing, you seen to have a fabulous relationship there
      Please send me on some pics and videos of your beautiful wife being used
      Thank you

  7. These are all very interesting stories I must say. Mine is kinda interesting, and very true!! My wife works for a oil company and travels quite often. Actually nothing ever happened while she traveled, it was here at the home office. She told me there was this guy at the office who was pretty popular with the girls there. 3 had slept with him and one of the women was married. I never really said much about it when she mentioned those people cause isn’t there always people like that at big offices like that!?? But there was this day she told me he was starting to show interest in her and being very nice to her and had asked her to hang out after work on a Friday after work. Now I had already been romancing the idea to have “fun” in our relationship, and figured this was the time to announce it! I asked her if he annoyed her, she said no he was alright. I also asked her if she liked him as a person, she said that she did, and he was very polite to her. I then asked her if she felt he was attracted to him in anyway, she responded with, I don’t know, maybe…. I hesitated, heart beating fast, I then said, would you ever sleep with him if you had the chance to like the other women? She told me, well yeah that’s what he wants to do, I just know it. I told her to just go and do it, that I really wanted her to do that, she thought I was nuts!! Lol to make an already long story short, and a lot of explaining, she finally as I like to say, “agreed” to do that, so after about a month and a half roughly, they had a “date” to hang out on that Friday. Now of coy I asked her to take pics of this guy doing her. She agreed! Before she left and after she agreed to take the pics for me, she told me there was a surprise she wanted to show me. I was okay with that, so later that next say, “Saturday “ I asked her to show me the pics, before she did she said there is now 2 surprises, I was like yeah sure.. when she showed me the pic the first surprise was he is black!!! I was super surprised!! Like in shock, but I also found it very liberating!! And HOT!! I told her that and asked her what the second surprise is? She then said that she allowed him to fully cum in her. Again shocked yet turned on!! After all that she ended up finding a different black guy as a lover and she fucks him on the side for fun!! We are still married and she is enjoying this shit way too much cause I think she may be trying to get pregnant by him, what is it with whites women trying to have black babies!!?? Lol

  8. sometimes a wife just needs a great fuck and nothing wrong with a wife having a great fuck but she should not keep it fro her husband . just let him know

  9. good story. more wives need this for themselves. i think most wives need this and would love this, i would let my wife enjoy this as my wife is a good wife and mom and really deserves this

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