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Hopelessly Addicted to BBC

Hi guys
My name is Serena. I am a 30 something, white girl who is hopelessly addicted to BBC! I am very happily married to a white guy but I need black cock to get off. I always have since Jr high school. My mom used to bring her black boyfriends home with her to while my dad was away on one of his endless business trips. She was not shy about telling me they were real men and I would do well to follow her lead. It would seem that I have to the letter. I married white but play BBC and love it! I enjoy having interracial sex as much as I can. A week without it is like torcher for me. I enjoy every aspect of sex with black men and love being very submissive for them. Bare back or condom I normally let them decide. Bareback is great because I am also into cum and love when a black stud comes inside of me. But I will not turn down BBC sex just because the guy is afraid to knock me up ..HeeHee! I used to have a porn site on the net and loved showing off my dirty BBC addiction on it. I don’t have time for that anymore but I am super excited that I found a place where I can still share my adventures with other BBC lovers! Please let me know if you enjoy and I will post more.
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20 thoughts on “Hopelessly Addicted to BBC

  1. I for one would love to see more. Quite inspirational this photo set. I did feel that brave a couple of months ago when I posted my video of myself dildoing with an 8 inch black dildo, but, since my face was clearly visible and fearing it could cost me my job, [as a School Teacher] I chickened out and the guys were very understanding. Maybe I’ll change my job one day to an Interracial model, then there’d be no problem! lol

  2. Enjoy! Hell yes we enjoy! From what I can tell, most of the white guys that post on here only wish (me included) they had wives like you and Ornella. I can talk openly to my wife about what I want, and she thinks black guys are hot and likes the thought of it, but we live in an area where white is the majority. I think I have to move? I think she’d go black if the opportunity arose and the circumstances were right.

  3. I would love to feel my wife’s pussy after it had been fucked hatd by a big cock, is it as as=wsome as it looks????

  4. Are you kidding me? Of course i want to see more. As a black man I can confirm you are the perfect example of what we need and want! and Ornella i would love to see you too! how about a private viewing… i know how to be discrete!

  5. HI SERENA,its amazing,you storie good be mine,my mother also loved black cock and told me to let some of her black friends fuck me,I am also married with a white guy who loves to watch me with my black fuck buddy,s,now my daughter ,I can’t wait for her to turn 17 so I can see one of my friends ram his BBC in her horny pussy,black cock is adictive,its just thrue the old saying”if you ever go black”well you know it,wish we gould meet you.

  6. Serena,
    Did you rub yourself off while listening in or spying in on your mom getting some, when you were in Jr High?
    Thats how I got started when I was in Jr High myself. I thought at the time my mom didn’t know, but a few years later she told me she did it on purpose. To this day I don’t which i liked more her noises or seeing it. I like girls to now, so guess it messed with my head.


  7. Wow Serena I Wish I was one of your BBC friends I Would love to fill u up with BBC unitl I cum deep inside of you

  8. Serena,
    I’m a guy and this is all interesting to see how much you girls crave black pee wee, but at the same time depressing because girls used to be addicted to Italian stallion and I’m for one so it worked out well…these black guys need to go away and forgettaboutit! There ruining the business.

  9. Great story, my wife and I have been married for some time and to me there is nothing more exciting than a hott white girl and a bbc. Trying somehow to get wife to get a bbc for herself

  10. hello, my wife started doing this about 2 months ago and loves it! I haven’t been present to watch yet be has gone out 3 times with two different black men and returned home well fucked and satisifies. she’s going to meet again this wekend. my question is…will she become addicted and have to always have it after a certain point?

  11. I’ve become addicted to interracial porn between white women and i hate it because the addiction is really strong and I’m spending hours surfing it online and jacking off to it. I can’t watch porn between white men and white women anymore. I feel like I’ve come down with a sickness. I need help to get over this addiction. Any advice?

  12. I loved it I love being gangbanged I had 20 bbcs in a bookstore booth 4 at a time all of them shot loads in my mouth and all,20 fucked me I’m a white boy totally addicted to black cocks

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