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10 thoughts on “Ornella lovely pic – black cum

  1. Thank you for including this photo & the lovely comments.I am due for a special d.p. date this weekend and will try to get either photos or film of it.I am a little bit shy,so will be difficult filming me sucking big black cocks without my face being visible !!! But,I’ll do my best.[and who knows,I might get fucked so good I might not care !] xxxx

  2. Finally! We get to see the anticipated black cum on Ornella pic. It was well worth the wait. You are the perfect wife for us cuckold husbands. Now lets see the donors of that cum make another deposit.

  3. 🙂 Well it won’t be the same 2 black guys,thats for sure !!!.I didn’t even bother asking their names,just made it clear I was finally up for taking black cocks & they used all my holes.I just love big black cocks.I have been so shy up until now,but websites like this have helped me tremendously.To know I am not unique & other women also crave & obssess over black cocks and that its ok to be a black cock slut [& a School Teacher !]is extremely liberating.

  4. o.k. I have a new video here!. I called up and asked a white guy I know that was a fuck buddy if he wouldn’t mind filming me, though I only have a stills camera that also shoots film.He said yes. So I now have film of me getting Black Fucked by 2 Black guys [cunt and ass] and also sucking their BBCs and drinking their Black seed.[although some ended up across my face] But,theres the problem, my face is clearly visible. I’m watching it again now and I look so wanton !.Its very tempting to upload as I know it could only help those wives out there that need to feel that what we crave isn’t wrong, even if married!. I’ll keep you posted.

  5. You are hot and I appreciate that you share your adventures. I am looking forward to seeing more! this black cock sure would like to see the video… i know how to be discrete

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