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Hot GF loves to swallow

Hot girlfriend with big tits loves sucking black cock and swallow black cumloads

Theres no way I could post stuff here, the files are too huge. But check Personal Clips if you fancy watching my sexy wife done by black guys!!

2 thoughts on “Hot GF loves to swallow

  1. I wish my wife Nina was sucking that cock.
    You could tell at the end that he was pumping his cum into her mouth.
    That is so nice.

    My wife started sucking cock in high school and used it instead of sex.
    In college, she would suck off her dates like it was a good night kiss.

    Once, a guy she would suck off regularly was out on a date with another girl.
    He drove to Nina’s apartment, left his date in the car and ran upstairs.
    Nina sucked him off and he was back in the car about four minutes later.
    She said it made her so hot because, while she was sucking him off, he told her, “she’s not a real slut, but just a tease. She’s not going to put out, and I needed to cum”. He came, Nina swallowed and he left.
    She spent the next hour fucking herself thinking about what he said. He had called her a real slut and did not even realize it. That made Nina so horny and wet. When she came, she said out load, “cause, I’m a real fucking slut”

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