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Trying something new

my boyfriend recently introduced me into interracial porn and I have found it really hot, last week we got a 9 inch toy and I loved it. So ive made the decision to take the next step in our fantasy and find a well endowed partner for me:) and to suprise him as well so her can watch. let me know what you thinkTrying something new

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12 thoughts on “Trying something new

  1. Roll the Boyfriend up in a sheet semi tight with his head sticking out. Then straddle him so he has a view of your doggie style. Let him smell you heightened scents from your highly excited sex. The cuckold love this and make him beg to watch the bull cut in you.
    Next park your cramped pussy over his nose.
    Allow him time to enjoy your Sexual juices.
    Ask him how it looks
    Tell him how it is an honor to clean it for you.
    Accept only a good licking.

  2. You deserve it baby!
    Most that want to watch will also like to lick you clean.
    Worry not, it is natural for this responds to kick in.
    Allow him the honor to clean your pussy after watching you get it.

  3. When you cheat on your man, you cannot help but addict him to your mixing of fluids. Your desires with this other man encourage it. You cum harder and these juices concentrate more and your man is addicted to you, and will be addicted to your scent with the other men soon. I know many cheating wives have calmed down the angry BF or husband when they secretly fed him her juices from sex with other men. Whore did this hundreds of years ago to get a guy hooked on cleaning her. Read this in a old historic article about 1600’s.
    Once he got a taste for the goo he would begin go down after he came. this was the sign they used to push him into watching her with other men and encouraging his oral needs to clean the goo. All of which she baited by lacing things with her scent and sperm into his sense’s. My Ex use to place her panties over my face as I slept. I caught her at it a couple of times but it was too late to stop the desire she wanted me to want. A guy hooked on pussy goo cannot turn it down and it seems to over ride his other male issues. Alpha males become beta males and serve the woman. Most husbands begin to complain the wife is not getting enough men because he is addicted to her concentrated juices loaded with sperm. They have a desire to clean and become the best pussy lickers you will ever try. All the guys I know whom have been turned do not fight it forever, They submit to the female in heat and being her pussy cleaner obsesses him more than his pride. It is nature that tells a man to clean his wife’s Pussy clean of sperm. To rid it of the invaders seed and to protect it. As he eats it nature reprogram him to accept this and he will enjoy it soon.

  4. Pussy is made to accept many penises of any size or race. It is a woman’s privilege to try all she desires. Nature’s way of the best for her off spring by best seed offerings.
    Make sure they are worthy
    Make sure they are good men
    Make sure you get what you came for
    Make sure your man is allowed to worship you
    Make sure that sperm is clean.
    Make sure you get it cleaned up.
    Cuckolds love it and wives get off better.
    Nothing like having an affair and sitting on your man’s face
    that says all is good like a happy hubby eating goo.

  5. My wife did and now she hardly fucks me anymore. she only gets off with huge cocks now. I hate it. When we do fuck shes soo loose I can barley feel anything and she never looks at me or even makes a sound. she just lays there. Im not allowed to cum in her but her black guys can..idk you will never want white guys again. she even makes me wear a condom. We have been married for nine years. but they do it bareback…she says she wants to be bred. lol it sucks for me

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