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Hotwife Jen gets another notch

We’ve been busier than ever with our lifestyle fun. Counting myself, Jen has played with NINE blk guys. She hasn’t played with this many guys in so short a span of time without it being a GB or group party in years.

She visited a GF in AZ, and played with four guys there without me around, I picked her up and had two hung black guys with me she fucked in the van on the ride home from the airport (lots of pics and video from that!), played with me, then played with a guy where I had a hidden camera in our room while I was at work, and today my buddy came over. Today was supposed to be a tagteam, but he showed up late, and I had to take my son when he got home from school, so I let them play alone and left the camera running. I did get a few snapshots of her sucking both our cocks before I had to leave, but the video came out GREAT. (videos are always a great consolation prize to hotwife hubbies!!)

That’s the short version of Jen’s adventures this month, but the long versions are pretty hot.

The BEST art is, i got home after dropping our son off at a babysitters and flew back home to join in, and they just finished. Then Jen and I had to run errands, and I STILL haven’t gotten to fuck my own wife! Kind of plays into this “you’re not the last cock that was in my pussy” game we enjoy. So I’ll enjoy the torure a little longer until I get to my wife’s hot used pussy tonight!

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