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Hubby’s Diet – interracial sex story

My husband and I have been enjoying the lifestyle for the past 3 years or so after a long and carefully orchestrated plan on my part to train him in satisfying my need for black cock. Once I finally got him to particpate with my lovers and learn to enjoy cleaning me up afterward a long nights of tremendous sex, he decided late last year that he wanted us to slow down. Not wanting to ruin what I had worked so long and hard for, I agreed that we would take a break this year and we went back to our normal sex life, which honestly isn’t that bad. Unfortunately, I was unable to quit cold turkey like he wanted, so I started to play on-line with our cam while he was at work and met a gorgeous man whom I started to have a relationship with on-line. We would play online for hours, making ourselves cum while talking on the phone and watching. About 2 months ago, he told me he was going to send me a special gift FedEx while we were masturbating online and I watched as he filled a small cup with his sperm. He then snapped a lid on the vial, taped the top and wrote a message on the tape and the next day I received his gift in the mail. When I opened it and saw the vial of his cum, I immediately got turned on. We chatted that day and he tole me he would continue to send me what I begged him for each day so I could taste him. The first day he asked me to taste his cum and I did, dipping ym fingers into the vial and greedily licking it from them. I ended up drinking his entire cup full of sweet cum right there for him, begging him for more and telling him how much I wanted him to fill my pussy with his cock juice. The next day I got another package, this time he included a plastic syringe and he watched as I injected his cum drectly into my pussy while we talked on-line. Not long after I had squirted his cum into my pussy, mu husband came in the front door, home early from work which caused me to quickly hang up and jum pin our bed. As we came upstairs, I started to play with my pussy, spread eagle on the bed and pretended i was masturbating alone. As entered our bed room and saw me furiously rubbing my pussy, he immediately knelt down and started to lick my pussy. I began moaning loudly and told him how wet I was from thinking about him (oh well, I had to say something) and he hungrily lapped at my pussy, licking the cum that was running from me.
He couldn’t believe how wet I was and told me he had never seen my pussy produce so much juice before. I asked if him if he had enjoyed his afternoon snack and he was adamant that he loved it, and hoped he would be lucky enough to have more of these snacks. he told me that whatever it was I was dreaming about, to continue dreaming because it was wonderful to see my pussy flowing with so much cum and he got so excited licking my pussy clean. Of course, this led to a new diet for him over the past 2 months, with Robert sending me his cum fedex and me injecting it straight into my hot pussy immediately before allowing John to service my dripping pussy. All of this leads me to last night, when I had my husband tale me into town for dinner and drinks where we ran into a gorgeous hunk of black man who introduced himself to us while we were having drinks. Of course it was Robert, who was in our city for business and whom I had arranged our meeting in advance. After some drinks, we got invited to Roberts room for a night cap and although John was not interested, I insisted.

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