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Interracial cum shots: hot white sperm

Hey guysInterracial cum shots for you. I was being pushed into heaven it felt so good. I barely had looked at the his face when his head was throw back and his hips thrust suddenly forward and his cock pushed against the roof of my mouth. Suddenly at the very back of my throat I could feel a large gob of cum there, I had no choice and swallowed instantly, there wasn’t even a taste.

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The man pulled his cock out though just as it passed my lips a second wad spat out and hit my tongue and teeth, all thick and sticky, salty and warm. His cock jerked uncontrollably as cum jetted out hitting me straight on the lips, chin and nose. cum just hung down from my face in long strings, breaking and falling. I stuck my tongue out to lick at the head of his cock. He liked that and thrust it back into my cum filled mouth. It was growing small and I swirled my tongue around it savouring that special after cum taste. I was barely aware of the third man behind me, other then realising that he had pulled out of me.

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