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I love whipping my little white noodle

I am often allowed in the room to watch and whack off but am not permitted to touch my mistress or my black master with my worthless little weenie (except occasionally when as a special treat I am allowed to do her lower leg and then lick it clean). I love whipping my little white noodle to a climax while I worship them.

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5 thoughts on “I love whipping my little white noodle

  1. lots of attractive white MILFs who like the BBC in central Texas area, like this lady in the pic. a fuckin goldmine for us Black Bulls! Any luvly ladies on this site get in contact with me when cumming to central Texas.

  2. When are all us white men going to get the picture WHITE WOMEN WANT BLACK COCK! They desire BBC’s from the time they know what sex is all about. They will marry us white men but will desire Blacks as sex partners and fathers of their babies. We, white men should be put in chastity from teen years and also be castrated a there is no real use for our testicles

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