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4 thoughts on “What could be better

  1. I’d never deny her real sexual happiness, my prob is convincing her that 7″wht aint nuthin compared to 10″ blk.

  2. Dude, there’s a lot more to IR eroticism than what you may be doing sexually to your wife. For example, a lot of women have boring jobs with hassles and low pay. So they naturally develop a rebellious streak, which can be expressed in adultery. For white wives, the most exciting adultery is with black men. It’s not just physical. It’s also the psychological thrill of defiance of the greedy bosses, banksters, preachers, and politicians who set the rules for society. So when a bull fucks your wife, there’s a lot more going through her brain than the BBC in her mouth and pussy.
    To take the point further, why do you think so many white wives have their bulls make them pregnant? Aside from the fact that IR babies are little darlings, it gives the white milfs the ability to stroll down the street flaunting the proof of what they think of society.
    So, you should think of BBC as a delivery vehicle providing special pleasure to your wife to compensate her for the crap she (and you,too, buddy) has to put up with. Therefore, give her your total support to keep her hooked up to her erotic IR pleasure pipeline. And enjoy her enjoying it.

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