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7 thoughts on “Mature wife with her young black stud

  1. good for her and him,recently,a friend of us did visited us with his nephew,a young kidon vacation from germany,claimt to be 18 but lookt way younger,he kept staring at NADIA my wife who as always dress sexy,tits usually show a bit,when they left I took him on the side and askt him “I noticed you kept staring at my wife” you like her,in broken english he said,she is beautiful,I stunned him “if you good would you fuck her come back by yourself”,he stares at me and left,10 min. later on a bike he’s back,its amazing how hard and big a kid that age is,still not sure he looks at me and my wife who just smiles,I said well you want?don’t be shy,do whatever you always dreamt off,he just about raped her,shot his load fast but the rest of the night he kept fucking her and almost got jalous when I toucht her,well he had the best tme in his live and my wife told me later she liked it as well fucking a young kid with a surprising nice big cock,I bet none of his friends will belive him back in germany,by the way his was the first white cock my wife fuckt in more years then we can remember,so you older lady’s,go for it when the opportunity is ther

  2. I have had the extreme good fortune and pleasure to have had affairs with teenaged ( legal age ) black boys. At the time they were younger then my own sons. i cannot begin to tell you how incredible these affairs were. Their hard young bodies and their thick uncut black cocks drove me completely crazy. I was driven from one mind blowing orgasm to another. I did anything these young black cocks men desired. i am putty in their hands.

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  4. Man, you are right to be proud of your wife. Her vitality makes her so super sexy! (Our Founding Father Benjamin Franklin knew this,too about older women.) I would’ve loved to have had your wife as my cougar’s cub. Fucking and sucking her experienced womanly pussy…WOW!

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