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Black guys who fuck me

Hey guys what do you think about these black dudes? They both got nice black shafts that I like to ride so much. The only drawback that they told everyone that I am white whore and available for any man besides my own white husbandbbc who fuck mebbc who fuck me

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5 thoughts on “Black guys who fuck me

  1. ‘Drawback’? Why is it a ‘drawback’? Your obligations, first & foremost, are to the SUPERIOR Black race – Black men in particular. It is your duty to be a Black owned slut & you should be extremely proud that you are their white fuck meat. To show your devotion to your Black masters, you should fuck their – black – friends bareback only! Hopefully, their potent seed will bless you with a Black baby. And who gives a fuck about your husband?! You certainly shouldn’t, LOL.

  2. whiteslave,totally agree with you,nice young white wife,excellent fuckmeat for black cock,the only reason she shoot have sex with white hubby,so he can make her pregnant with a cute white little girl,so that the black man don’t run out off white whore cunt and ass to ram their magnificent cocks in,for the rest ,fuck your husband just have him clean your fuckt body up with his tonque and get you ready for the next bbc who wants you.

  3. As a superior black man i would have to say that what we think about these black men is not youor concern. You need to concentrate on pleasing. on your next post i want to see you being tsken by black not just posing with them. let me know if you want to disucss privately.

  4. Wait a minute! Wait a minute! Let’s be reasonable. Lots of white women start taking on black men, but they don’t want that to be national news right away. My girlfriend was slutted out by a bull, and soon after that she became a working whore (no, he was not her pimp). Her name and phone number showed written up on truck stop toilet stalls: “For a good time, call Beth at******.). But she didn’t want her momma to know, because it would’ve created unnecessary hassle. Let’s all treat these wonderful sexy sluts of ours with the respect and discretion they deserve.

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