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White couples and black guys

That picture says a thousand words about the future for white couples sexual activities.
The white wives will have sex regularly but not the white husbands.
The white wives will be sexually satisfied and fulfilled by the black man as he will be their common sexual provider. It will not be uncommon for one black man to be the primary sexual provider for several different white wives.

The conservative white wives will have just one black lover while the adventurous white wives will have several different ones.

The ideal and perfect white husband will provide his own sexual pleasures for himself. His sexual contributions to the marriage will be provided by his hand for himself and his tongue for his wife.

The ideal white husbands will always answer yes to all of the following questions:
*Has a black man fucked your wife since you have and if so have you tasted his black cum?
*Have you ever masturbated while thinking about or watching a black man fucking your wife?
*Do you feel the perfect white couple should both carry the black mans cum inside them together as a couple?
*Have you ever watched or would you like to watch your wife fuck a black man?

Come on boys, answer these questions and verify yourselves as an ideal white boy.
white couples and black guys

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20 thoughts on “White couples and black guys

  1. I think I am getting close to being an ideal whiteboy.

    I would say yes to questions 2, 3, & 4

    And of course one day would like to say yes to number 1 if that ever could be arranged

  2. I’m with qqf20c…yes to 2 and4…guess i’m not ‘ideal, but then maybe i’m not even a cuck? I love watching her with black men but I make the rules. Hell half the time I have to drag her into doing it. If I’m not respected – its not happening, period.

  3. Yes to Q 2 and 4. Question 1 would be great, but Q3 is a no-no. Whereas I’d like to see my wife being fucked by many black cocks, I will not taste his cum. In all other respects I’ll do whatever I can to allow her to enjoy black men.

  4. GOTLIEB is saying what i would like to do with my wife or girl i mend women 2 and 4 are hot others not so much. bareback is bad ass! it is so hot the way black men are i mean so cool to party with and take home for wife and me. i mean us i mean him and i could take of her needs and wants big time ha ha his big my time SKEBS is right respect makes it so much better for her / everone

  5. i can answer yes to all questions. i lave to watch mt wife getting filled to the fullest by a bbc i have licked her clit and sucked his balls as he was cumming inside her. i have cleaned both clean as a wistle. i love to enjoy my wife making love to black men all men for thet matter. but enjoy the bbc best even for myself

  6. I would say yes to questions number 2) 3) 4 ). I want my wife to be with black men. As i feel all white woman should. My tiny white cock can’t please her right. So i should be only made to jo

    1. iam looking for a well hung to fuck my white wife who is hot!!! but his cock must be11″ or bigger or no deal. are you that big? if you get back 2me if your not 4get it. if you know some1 whit a 12″ black get a hold of me. must send pic of cock

  7. I am a white male that just love watching interracial sex happen but before it was over
    I would like to hang over a bed and let a bbc slide down in my throat and finish him off,
    it flexing as the black sperm is released in my throat.

  8. I love women who has sex with black men and make the white boys their slaves.
    I love it so much that I want to find a woman who has plenty of black men sex them and will secertly feed me hormones to make me more woman like so that I can be used by them as well.
    Nothing is better than laying on my back with a woman on top of me in a a 69 position while I lick her and the black cock in her at the same time.

    1. When a black man sets his intentions to make a white couple his, the couple is doomed. Black men are so powerful that they can seduce the white couple easily. Once he gets them under his control he will force them to submit to his will. Normally the white male will be turned into a sex sissy submissive and the wife will become his slut

  9. yes to all. we both love the cum from our bull and have it in us daily. we love being owned and controlled by him and beleave all whites should serve.

  10. I answer yes to 2 and 4. I think everyday about what it would be like to see my wife with a black man. I so much love watching online seeing white women enjoying black cocks. It just seems that’s the way it should be. And it sounds like it’s thankfully happening more and more.

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