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Slutty Kasey

In the Kasey get’s used like a whore, you need to take out the word “her” or add the word pussy where it says pounded, there is a word missing there. Also, is there any way you can use the attached photo? If you want you can use it and put a story with it, any story you want for your readers. She is a mom during the day, but addicted to black cock at night. The local black men use her over and over and pass her around town to their friends. During the day she is the perfect white mom running the kids to school. I think it is a great photo for a story about a secret life of a mom with a bbc addictionmy slut wifemy slut wife

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15 thoughts on “Slutty Kasey

  1. Damn honey you are thick and sexy I wanna
    be one if the choosen few or maybe we can
    go to swingers hotel parties I’m a member
    in NC or in va but will travel to find your sexy
    thick pretty ass theirs alot of shit we can do to
    each other and I have a 9 inch dick and it’s
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  2. As I understand it, Kasey is a white fuck bunny for the town’s black men. There’s nothing wrong with that. She is to be praised for being what she is.

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