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Me and my new black lover

So what do you think about my new lover? I believe I never had boyfriend with such a huge dick! Now I laugh so much when I remember my husband’s pathetic white stick! Here are some photos of us having sex. That is so much fun!my new black lover 01my new black lover 02my new black lover 03my new black lover 04my new black lover 05my new black lover 06my new black lover 07my new black lover 08my new black lover 09my new black lover 10my new black lover 11my new black lover 12

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12 thoughts on “Me and my new black lover

  1. Am I alone in hoping that she cheated on her husband? Then I really hope that she told her husband he was a shit fuck and that she took him for everything he had?

  2. From your first pic, it looks like you’re from San Francisco. If you are, then I have a very interesting proposition for you. I’m a very wealthy, generous SWM who would love to rock your world.

  3. goodlooking slut wife,I hope you fuck that nice black cock 24/7,hot woman like you deserves cock like this in your beautiful hot sexy slut ass,don’t wasted it an little white dick,beautiful ass made for beautiful black fuck meat.

  4. Thats how i would love to see my wife getting some bbc,keep the photos comming & yourselves LOL, have you guys got any hints or tips how i could get my wife to sample the delights of her first bbc bull/ check out her photos on this site,under my user name/ready for a night out/sexy wife/wife for bbc bulls.Let us know what you guys think, many thanks qqf20c.

  5. since I personally know the couple in those pictures, I can assure you the person that posted them is NOT the female.

    Sorry ‘jena401’
    yes they are great pictures, they just aren’t yours.

  6. My wife and I are successful and very attractive. Three years ago she took control and cucked me. It has been so hot. She enjoys sexy hot muscular hung black men. I’m totally cucked and submissive. At night I do as told by her if I even hesitate she dresses me in things then beats me. I had no idea how erotic it is. Love it

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