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Wife going out with her boyfriend

Carol has had a long day looking after the kids but now they are all in bed and it’s her turn to have some fun. Shes getting ready to go out with Jason, a young black college guy who, last time they met took her home and shared her with his brother.

wife going outwife going out 01wife going out 02wife going out

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16 thoughts on “Wife going out with her boyfriend

  1. she looks like she needs a black pimp to beat her in to place and get her married ass out on the street to earn that pay for jamal whilst hubby stays at home to sit the kids.

  2. Please, tell us how your date with Jason went. We want to here all the juicy details too! I hope he and his brother have huge BBC’s and I hope they both boned you real good.

  3. Wow your such a beautiful and sexy fine woman , a dreamn for a black man, well you didnt tell us how it went with the young boy Jason and his brother

  4. well they went out to club and got very drunk,this time it was only Jason that took her home. She went to his apartment in a bad part of town after giving him a Blow job in the back of the taxi.
    Once there he stripped her naked and made her lick his balls and ass from behind then he proceded to fuck her for most the night.
    She came home about 7.30 and got into bed with me. She smelt of sweat and sex, i put my hand between her legs, her panties were wet.
    She told me how she sucked and swollowed him and how her took her from behind and made her cum at least 4 time.
    Not a bad night for her.

  5. Carol you’ve got a sexy lil thing going on. I wish I was the guy dropping my loads into your tight pussy. I would love to be that black guy that would come by after you’ve put the kids down to bed and pick you up. I’d make sure that your hubby saw me kiss you soulfully while I grabbed a handful of your ass. I’d also make sure I leave him a little prize to taste after I dropped you off.

  6. we are married couple and looking for my wife’s first black guy. we want someone who’s clean, not pushy and professional in handling first timer like my wife. she’s slim, about 5’5″, weigh around 45kg and quite shy type.

  7. What a lovely happy looking wife and mother. She is beautiful and any man would desire her. You are a lucky hubby. I would love to take her to bed and ravish her all night long

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