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Blonde wife gets pleasure with black guy

I like watching interracial sex very much. So I let my wife to fuck with black guys and she also gets a lot of satisfaction from passionate interracial fucking. Today she fucks in various positions. The guy licks her juicy pussy and fucks her hard in doggy style.[media id=77 width=590 height=443]Believe me I got a lot more stuff to show. My wife is slut for black cock and I snapped her on plenty of pics and vids on Personal Clips!

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3 thoughts on “Blonde wife gets pleasure with black guy

    1. Getting white wives to try BBC can depend on their starting point. First might be to simply get them to start taking on other men at all, if they haven’t yet. Reading the “Emmanuelle” books helps a lot there.
      Husbands should learn from psychological research. Women tend to prefer to READ erotica/porn, whereas men prefer to WATCH it. So, men often make the mistake of urging their women to watch some IR porn, whereas it would be more effective to have the women read it.
      Another thing is the quality of the porn to read. Women are often more comfortable reading porn written from a female heroine’s point of view. And the writing itself should be well-written. Barracks/locker room style might not connect.
      This doesn’t mean that hard-core topics should be avoided. Prostitution is erotically written about by women in selective cases. I recommend “The Scorpion’s Sweet Venom” by Brazilian beauty Bruna Surfistinha. And Asian-American Tracy Quan has penned the sophisticated para-autobiographical books “Manhattan Call Girl” and “Married Call Girl.”

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