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21 thoughts on “Ready for a night out

  1. qqf20c, your wife is absolutely perfect for breeding by our Black Masters. Once shes had a Black cock fill her pussy – something white men can’t do – she won’t fuck you again. Are you in the UK?

  2. Check out the other two photos of her, let me know what you would like bbc bulls to do with her.I asked her last night during sex if she would let a black man screw her, she said she might.I said to her go black no going back,her reply was she might want to fuck bbc all the time.

  3. Why not upload some pictures of her pussy? When she sees the inevitable replies from her Black Masters, she will become insatiable for Black cock. I’d love to see a group of Black Bulls impregnating her. What would you like them to do? Are you interested in swapping email addresses?

  4. I can not swap email addresses due to my kids using my e-address.I would love it if my wife had a bbc fuck buddy that could use her as his new toy, she always dresses up for sex- she has never had another man before, thats why i hope she trys a bbc i think she would like it.

  5. Like I said mate, upload some pictures of her pussy, then show her the ineviatble replies from Black Bulls. Do you have any pussy pics you can upload?

  6. Whiteslave look out for the new photos in the next couple of days,iam not sure if anybody will like them-i do!I think we may get a response from bbc bulls. Give me a reply if you think that any bbc bull would like some of my wife or if my wife would like to try a bbc, she has never had another mans cock before. All the best.

  7. She very pretty and sexy and woudl look so goood with me and my big black dick, lettign her worship my dick and please her big black bull and let me breeed her, white men so weak and caint satisfy they white women

  8. So you think you could make my wife go for some bbc & turn her into a bbc white wife slut,if so thats great i would love to watch as you slide your cock in to her tight white pussy.I have told her if she ever gets the chance to let a bbc fuck her that she should dress-up & wear sexy underwear for her black master/i would let her stay out allnight/weekend to please her master,she found this aturn on when i told her this during sex.

  9. qqf20c, wow! Fantastic. Do you really think she’ll go for it? You’ve got to take photos man! Get the Black Bull to write ‘Black Cock Slut’ on her body in marker pen. Or ‘No White Cocks Allowed’

  10. If she has her chance i think she would like a bbc to fuck her,she asked me the other night why i want her to have a bbc.I said that after 18yrs of being together & her being a single cock wife,i said she should try something totally different. She said that i might have to get pemission off her black master to take photos of her getting some bbc/if i can fuck her.I love the thought of my wife & i being picked up by a bbc bull and me being chained up while a bbc bull & other bbc bulls use her as a new white wife fuck toy,off to bed to fuck-all you bbc bulls never be worried to approach a white couple/wife and give your phone number,you never know you could make awhite couple very happy.

  11. Honey, Look at the camera while filming& admit Noone ever been that Deep, or deposited Black-Seed. That Superior Babybatter,will make her addicted. Sincerely Christine

  12. Thanks Christine for your comment,do you think bbc bulls would like my wife to use as a new bbc slut & do you think she would like some bbc,how can she go about getting her first bbc? Write & let me know.

  13. What do all you think,could my wife pull a bbc bull when she goes out & do you think bbc bulls would like to get into her knickers,please let us know what all you guys think.Many thanks qqf20c.

  14. There are serious (as well as funny) issues at work in some of the comment exchanges here. They remind me of politicians and lobbyists going back and forth over a budget or global warming. It’s important to distinguish between fantasy, role-playing during sex activity, and general reality.

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